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Almost wrapped up with the first IIW Digest, and it’s time well spent.

This weeks feed was so packed we ditched the not identity section so the e-mail doesn’t go over the limit of some providers! Without anymore ado, here’s the upcoming events and webinars.

Coming Up

call focused on the current EU Digital Green Development

With the rise of Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) and crypto markets at an all time high, this world of tomorrow is very much becoming part of our everyday.


IIW32 - A wave of DIF donations and debuts DIF Newsletter

notes are now available for all the sessions. Mixed in among the usual avalanche of updates and report-outs from established subcommunities like KERI (and its new offshoot, ADPL), DIDComm, Sidetree, and SDS […] Animo (NL) gave a tour of their AcaPy extension project that bridges the divide between Aries and CCG/LD and Bloom debuted their WACI spec mentioned above, which facilitates Presentation-Exchange based exchanges

IIW32: BBS+ and Beyond Nader Helmy, Mattr

One common theme this year was the continued development and adoption of BBS+ signatures, a type of multi-message cryptographic digital signature that enables selective disclosure of verifiable credentials. 

[…] BBS+ signatures is a ledger-independent approach to selective disclosure, effectively no custom logic or bespoke infrastructure is needed for these digital signatures to be created, used and understood.


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) vs Verifiable Credentials (VCs) Affinidi

Compare and Contrast: OpenBadges vs Verifiable Credentials Affinidi

Demystifying Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) Affinidi

The Anatomy Of Personal Data Sovereignty in Forbes

The data privacy/control issue isn’t new, but the attitude shift is. […] As we live through times exposing such injustice and inequality, it's becoming evident that this personal data ecosystem needs to undergo a major revamp.

Sovrin and Trust over IP Signed Mutual Agreement to Strengthen Their SSI Collaboration

Sovrin and ToIP are excited to take a step further to support the need and importance of our separate but interrelated mandates to benefit people and organizations across all social and economic sectors

Dr Paul Ashley Presents on How to Solve the Privacy Problem Anonyome

we can compartmentalize all our different digital identities in a powerfully protective strategy.

Article three - An introductory dive into VCs (verifiable credentials) HackerNoon

Verifiable Credentials heavily utilize Decentralized Identifiers to identify people, organizations, and things and to achieve a number of security and privacy-protecting guarantees.

Ethics and Identity 

Sexism in Facial Recognition Technology​ Berkman Klien Center

there are flaws within facial recognition technologies themselves that lead to inaccurate results. One such major challenge for this still-burgeoning technology is gender-based inaccuracies.


Ontology Collaborates With The Block To Uncover Decentralized Identity Industry

Ning Hu, CTO of Ontology, spoke at a panel titled “The State of Decentralized Identity Solutions” in association with The Block, [...] accompanied by experts in the field of digital identity, Daniel Buchner, Senior PM of Decentralized Identity at Microsoft, and Tobias Fox, Co-founder of Serto.

Hyperledger Identity: Social Recovery for Passwords and Secrets is used to show how a secret can be encoded and distributed as shards, and then later some of the shards combined to restore the secret. This video is part of a Linux Foundation course on Hyperledger Identity, published on edX.

Don and Alex Tapscott – Canada’s Blockchain Revolution Digital Canada

What we need is a wholesale shift in how we define and assign ownership of data assets and how we establish, manage, and protect our identities in a digital world.

Anchors and Rails of a Digital Nation – Forging Self Sovereign Identity in the Age of the Blockchain

To realize a world-class Digital Government Canada has set itself an ambition of:

“Digitize all public-facing government services so they are accessible by web and mobile phone and available behind a unified login system by 2025.”


Aaron Newcomb and Doc Searls probe Andre for lots of great intelligence about how SSI puts individuals in full charge of how they present minimized ID credentials safely, and inside a whole new framework.

Decentralized ID Management Business Value of SSI  Heather Dahl and Ken Ebert of Indicio

concerns about protecting privacy are "pushing organizations to consider identity solutions that don't involve correlation and don't involve third-party tracking but also provide the security.”


From Closed Loop Systems to Open World COVID Credentials Exchange CCI Report

This summit, convened by CCI, was designed to begin articulating a roadmap to get from closed loop systems to an open system where it doesn’t matter if issuers, holders and verifiers are using the tool provided by the same solution provider

Me2BA Product Testing Spotlight Report Published: Data Sharing in Primary & Secondary School Mobile Apps

60% of School Apps are Sending Student Data to Potentially High-risk Third Parties Without Knowledge or Consent


DIDComm and the Self-Sovereign Internet - Phillip J. Windley, Ph.D., Brigham Young University

introduces DIDComm, discusses its protocological nature, and presents use cases in the Internet of Things. Demonstrations of DIDComm protocol interactions will be shown on the Pico platform, which implements the Aries Cloud Agent (ACA) specification.


The ASP.NET Core application allows an admin user to create an OIDC credential issuer using the MATTR service. The credentials are displayed in an ASP.NET Core Razor Page web UI as a QR code for the users of the application. 

Legal Entity Identifier News from Q1

Taking the LEI one step further from entity identification to individuals is a huge development for the digital identity industry and one that has been supported by our partners at RapidLEI. We wrote a full blog on the story to explain why vLEIs are important


Digital identity in the UK in 2021 with’s René Seifert

Building Digital Trust Ecosystems with Riley Hughes from Trinsic

Once an idea has taken hold of the brain, it’s almost impossible to eradicate.

DIF Product Managers Call 5 May 2021

Open Badges and Verifiable Credentials: how to build the ecosystem

Company News

Introducing Jolocom SmartWallet

Adding support for Secure DID Messaging Mattr

Developers, Come Explore the New World of Okta/Auth0

Introducing the Identity Maturity Framework Auth0

Auth0 Identity Maturity Framework (IMF): a collection of tools, tactics, and expert input that will help you understand what’s working about your identity solution and what needs to change. 

SITA, Indicio launch of Aruba Health App

a pilot that makes it easy for visitors to share a trusted traveler credential – based on their health status – privately and securely on their mobile device.

What is Self-Sovereign Identity? OmniOne Series RAON

OmniOne comes from the willingness to help transition from a service-centric identity to the self-sovereign identity paradigm, empowering anyone to control their identity in a highly secure manner while providing mutual benefits to the participants of its ecosystem.

The latest in the DWeb Jolocom

At the last DWeb Meetup, we were invited to share our role in the German Government’s 60M Euro SDI (Secure Digital Identities) innovation project to bring “Self-Sovereign Identity” to German and EU citizens.

Dock Partners with Digital Credentialing Platform Xertify

By partnering with Dock, Xertify ensures that credentials they issue are W3C-compliant, universally verifiable, and cryptographically secured. Xertify has significant traction with clients in various industries including education, health, automotive, veterinary, and agriculture.

Sector Specific Use-Cases

The Equifax Incident, And How SSI Could Have Prevented It Europechain

Self-Sovereign Identity Verification and How Is It Changing Background Screening?

self-sovereign identity verification, one of the game-changing background screening trends of 2021. When combined with screening activities, self-sovereign identity solutions offer opportunities to obtain more accurate candidate background data and deliver it to employers faster.

Digital signatures digital transformation in real estate sector ValidatedID

The report Emerging Trends in Real Estate in Europe 2021, prepared by PwC and Urban Land Institute (ULI), presents a sector in full transformation.

Λntonio Nardella @antonionardella

in my opinion a #decentralized self sovereign identity solution would make a great addition to the identity server of @matrixdotorg

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