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Indicio Hiring Interns

Test EngineerMobile DeveloperPython DeveloperProject ManagerBusiness DevelopmentAssistant to the CEO

Indicio Hiring Sr Devs

Sr Python DeveloperSr Mobile Developer

Managing Director Provenance

We believe that every great product should come with Provenance: accessible, trustworthy information about origin, journey and impact.


Still a chance for the last questions on eSSIF-Lab calls Deadline July 7th

looking for proposals to develop and demonstrate SSI working solutions for a real-world, domain-oriented problem or opportunity, in prioritized eSSIF-Lab areas (Health Tech, e-Government and Education), up to 106,000 € 

Interesting & Thoughtful 

What occurs when physical beings transition to information beings?

A Deep-Dive on Digital Self-Determination Berkman Klein

Questions of control over personal data […] self-expression and participation in civic life and the digital economy, or relationship-building and well-being, to name just a few application areas.

Crossroads of Digital Imperialism & Digital Development Berkman Klein

The push for fairness, equity, and safeguards in the data economy Omidyar

We wanted to have a better understanding of potential pathways to reimagine the data economy that is rife with systemic flaws. This paper is intended to share emerging ideas, spark debate, and solicit feedback.

Why self-sovereign identity matters GlobalID

your digital identity represents you as a unique real-life person in a secure digital format. In fact, we likely have many different virtual identities across a spectrum of platforms and services.

eSSIF-Lab Vision and Purpose

The context of the eSSIF-Lab vision can be found in articles 8-10 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), that state the rights of individuals regarding their privacy, and their freedoms to collect, process, store, and express information in a self-sovereign fashion

@kimdhamilton · May 25

I've read every decentralized identity protocol so you don't have to. They all just read like "nothing to see here, just f- right off" Oh, except for OIDC Credential Provider. Well done to them!

How Self-Sovereign Identity Can Revolutionize Insurance R3

Perhaps the starting point — or the “minimum viable ecosystem” — would be an internal SSI solution. Insurers, much like other financial institutions, can be vastly complex organizations with information often siloed between branches and divisions.

SSI Tech

Comparing X.509 Certificates with SSI Windley

X.509 certificates have been around for 40 years and have proven to be a trustworthy means of exchanging data. So, what are the differences between X.509 certificates and SSI? And what are the advantages of each?

Deciphering BBS+ Signatures Affinidi

This digital signature was created by Dan Boneh, Xavier Boyen, and Hovav Shacham using the strong Diffie-Hellman encryption technique, and hence the name BBS (after their respective surnames). The original signature was modified later to include proof of knowledge, and hence the name BBS+

Anonyome Labs Joins the Indicio MainNet

Tezos Profiles Alpha Launch

We encourage users to start creating and launching their profiles as we begin integrating Tezos Profiles support across the Tezos ecosystem. Currently, we are focused exclusively on publicly available information and accounts to avoid privacy issues.

Solving the Puzzle of International Identity Verification Cognito

“add a new country by clicking on the dashboard.”

Decoding the Sidetree Protocol Affinidi

Sidetree protocols are layer 2 protocols that anchor to the underlying decentralized ledger system. That said, it is ledger agnostic and its primary role is to anchor batches of signed JSON operations to the network.

Implement Client Credentials with Kong Konnect and Okta

The OIDC plugin enables Kong, as the API gateway, to communicate with Okta via the OAuth/OIDC flows. 

A brighter future for tenant/landlord relationships Domi Labs

it’s hard to keep track since some call, some… email, and still others send you a message on WhatsApp.” Going through all of these disparate messages is its own fulltime job!

Lissi Wallet @lissi_id

(1/9) The #Lissi #Wallet is now available as a release candidate. This thread will provide you with an overview of the development of the #identity wallet.

A trusted internet. Easy and secure. For everyone. ESatus

We would like to explain the functionality and potential use cases for credentials by following our protagonist called Sam, who has just completed a Covid-19 rapid test.

Self-Sovereign Identity - The Nash Equilibrium Point of the Personal Identity Information Game ThoughtWorks

SSI COVID Passports: Why, What and How Noha Abuaesh

What if people can prove their COVID status to different entities, prove that they are authentic and prove they were intended for them, without having to reveal any of their personal information; not even their names?

Introducing SSI SDK Bloom

vc • ecdsa-secp256k1-signature-2019 • ecdsa-secp256k1-verification-key-2019 • elem-did-legacy-non-anchored • waci-core • waci-jose • waci-kit-react • presentation-exchange • credential-manifest

i3 Market reference implementation

interesting diagram

SSI Interaction Patterns; Technometria - Issue #12


Biometrics come to verifiable credentials with Applied Recognition and Sovrin Foundation

The Sovrin Foundation is looking at the wallet alignment in terms of interoperability, but also in terms of embedding a layer of protection into the solution. Verifiers need to know there is a way to ensure a person has not unlocked their phone and then handed it to their friend.

Credential Master in the sales force app store

Gravity’s work with refugees in Turkey featured in Oxford Centre for Technology and Development’s, “Digital Identity: An Analysis for the Humanitarian Sector”

“Gravity’s work is selected as a case study here because their solution included close collaboration with four other organizations from the start. It thus offered a rife example of interoperability challenges associated with digital ID systems, as well as how the same systems may be used to overcome existing coordination challenges. Moreover, Gravity has made more documentation of this project publicly available.”

Gravity’s Decentralized Identity Protocol, Built on Tezos, To Power DIGID Project in Kenya

This month, Gravity joined some of the largest international NGOs in the world to launch the Dignified Identities in Cash Programming (DIGID) project in Kenya. The goal of this project is to help the Kenya Red Cross leverage Gravity’s decentralized identity protocol on Tezos to provide much-needed cash transfers to vulnerable Kenyan populations.

Identity not SSI 

Single Sign On and Why It’s Important for Your Business

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) adopts Verified.Me to help bring Canadians a streamlined digital identity verification solution

Keto, the open source implementation of Google’s Zanzibar

learnt about Keto, an open source implementation of Zanzibar from a Hacker News thread, and […] invited Patrik Neu, who is the core maintainer of the Keto project to share his insights with our meetup community. (video)

Life-Like Anonymity and the Poison Web Windley

Natural anonymity comes from our ability to recognize others without the aid of an external identity system.

Lego Government : API-Enabled Government as a Platform DigitalScot

Historically, the process of building the underlying infrastructure could take months; we deployed new APIs, or extended throughput on existing APIs within two days. This would not have been possible without the API Library or the shared API Gateway.”

Me2BA Sees Progress in Google’s “Pre-Announcement” for an Independently Audited Safety Section in Google Play Store

Today, we’re pre-announcing an upcoming safety section in Google Play that will help people understand the data an app collects or shares, if that data is secured, and additional details that impact privacy and security. (Source)

What Are Biometrics? The Pros/Cons of Biometric Security

biometrics aren't impenetrable and come with increased privacy risks. So any organization seeking to utilize biometrics to verify employees or end users should pay close attention to how they implement biometric identification systems.


Ontology Providing DID Solutions to NFT + Music Streaming Platform, ROCKI

NFTs offer creators a novel way to monetize their creations. Unfortunately, there have been reports of artists having their artwork sold by impersonators. This is, in part, due to popular NFT platforms lacking a robust verification process for determining a creator’s identity.

The potential for fraud in the growing NFT market recently attracted the attention of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

Decentralized Finance & Self-sovereign Identity: A tale of decentralization, a new paradigm of trust

We are aware that DeFi’s growth is explosive and inevitable yet its growth needs to be sustainable and responsible. This can be done with SSI.


Roadmap to Institutional Adoption of DeFi RSK - Coinfirm

The most recent FATF updated draft guidance from March 2021 introduces significant changes to the legal definition of DeFi platforms, expanding the types of entities that fall under FATF's umbrella. In this guidance, FATF defines most operators of decentralized finance platforms as “Virtual Asset Service Providers” that have AML/CFT obligations. 

Forensic Investigative Report: Sanctioned Blockchain Addresses Coinfirm

Forensic Investigative Report: Terrorism Financing Blockchain Addresses Coinfirm

AML Risk Reports Coinfirm

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