Identosphere #35 • SSI for Europe • Covid Creds coming together • Issue DID+VC w Azure AD

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Coming Up

FRP from UN for SSI

RFP: Implementation of blockchain based self-sovereign identity (SSI) Solutions United Nations Global Market Place 

The United Nations International Computing Centre (UNICC) invites you to submit a proposal for the implementation of blockchain based self-sovereign identity (SSI) solutions. (DEADLINE 06/22)

Interesting and Thoughtful 

The shadowy hierarchy

I remain curious about how I can make better or wiser decisions.  I am sharing this as part of my journey as I unpack my own boundaries and models that prevent me from making better decisions.  

Local-first software: You own your data, in spite of the cloud

include the ability to work offline and collaborate across multiple devices, while also improving the security, privacy, long-term preservation, and user control of data.

Apple vs (or plus) Adtech, Part II

To review… in Settings—> Privacy—> Tracking, is a single OFF/ON switch for “Allow Ads to Request to Track.” It is by default set to ON. 


A beginner’s guide to self-sovereign identity (SSI)

19 FAQs on Verifiable Credentials and Self-Sovereign Identity

Do I Need a Verifiable Credential?

What is a DID? Part 1 XSL Labs

En Francais Aussi Qu’est-ce qu’un DID? Partie 1 XSL Labs

Defining Self-Sovereign Identity with Kaliya Young | Coding Over Cocktails Podcast

Adrian Doerk on the difference between identification, authentication and authorization

Identification: Who are you?

Authentication: Is it you again?

Authorization: What rights do I want to grant you?


Digital signatures — digital transformation in the real estate sector

The implementation of the electronic signature was a major development in the development in management.

99% of our documents are digitally signed digitally and we have eliminated many face-to-face meetings.

‘new normal’ in housing is digital, democratic and sustainable

how can governments, citizens and landlords of all types harness these opportunities and collaborate to shape housing of the future so that it works for everyone, everywhere? 

SSI Updates

Introducing the Evernym Mobile SDK

It’s through your feedback that we’ve been able to iterate, refine, and ultimately launch a product that will help make self-sovereign identity more accessible to all.

Anonyome Labs Listed in IAPP Privacy Tech Vendor Report 2021

joins 355 other qualified organizations in the 2021 compendium of privacy tech vendors. This is a significant increase from the 44 vendors listed in the inaugural report in 2017.

Canada’s Community of Digital Identity Leaders 100+ Members

more than ever before, our communities, our businesses, and our citizens are looking to the leaders within the DIACC to help deliver a robust, secure, trusted digital ID ecosystem that works for all Canadians.

The Future of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) (video)

We were joined by Drummond Reed and Alex Preukschat, co-authors of Manning Publication's new book 'Self-Sovereign Identity,' for a conversation on the book's development and recent release and what the future holds for SSI as a technology, architecture, and movement.


Platform Architecture for Covid-19 Digital Passports

This highlights a couple of key vendor solutions:

  • Appii – Appii has developed their Health Passport, a service that verifies your identify through a selfie photo, is populated through recording your test result at one of their partner sites (eg. Lloyds Pharmacy) and provides a digital certification.

  • – is a specialist in general data sharing services and have developed a number of apps that build on this capability, including a Covid-19 solution.

Health data must be private and secure by design, always

At, we practice what we preach, with privacy and security always core considerations for our health data capability as well as our Consentry health pass as they move forwards.

How can we make platform livelihoods better for young women, especially during and after COVID-19?

But who is the “we”? The research asks exactly that — who is the “we” that needs to make the platform work better for women?

How festival organisers can maximise Covid safety and eradicate ticket touts

Festival organisers will also need to do better at managing delays than other sectors. In recent weeks, we’ve seen Heathrow airport reporting delays of up to six hours. This would be catastrophic at a festival

Verify Vaccination Data w ZKP using ASP.Net Core and Mattr

verify a persons vaccination data implemented in ASP.NET Core and MATTR. The ZKP BBS+ verifiable credentials are issued and stored on a digital wallet using a Self-Issued Identity Provider (SIOP) and Open ID Connect. […] only the required data is used and returned to the verification application. 

JWTs done right: Quebec's proof of vaccination

my proof of vaccination finally arrived, and the result is… actually pretty okay. Still, there's always some fun to be had in zero-knowledge hacks

PocketCred Verifiable Credentials

We at Pravici have been working to build a digital pass that citizens can carry in their mobile device or digital card to prove that they have taken a test or vaccine. Our software application features user-friendly creation of schemas* and proof templates**, as well as QR code technology for credential issuance and verification.

Beyond the Basics

Issuing your own DIDs & VCs with Azure AD

Expert Q&A about SSI with Dr. Milly Perry and Martin Schäffner

In may, blockchain expert & former research director at the Open University of Israel, spoke with initiator of the SSI Working Group at the European Blockchain Association at an Israeli Chamber of Information Technology webinar. (recording)

We asked both experts, which questions they would like to know their peers’ thoughts about. Here is their exchange about Verifiable Credentials, biometrics, pitfalls and barriers, NFTs, the role of governments and the thing that could make SSI obsolete.

Compare and Contrast — IRMA vs Verifiable Credentials

Data Watch

“Secure Platform” for Europe - a Trusted and Secure Foundation for a Human-Centric Digital World MyData

solutions for creating an open and secure IT infrastructure where data privacy can always be guaranteed. […] written by esatus, founding member and lead of the “Secure Platform” working group, a thematic group within the IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrusT). is ten! was founded on the idea of making it easier and simpler for the ordinary, everyday sites that make up the web to use machine-readable data, and for that data to enable an ecosystem of applications used by millions of people. […] if we can all keep these founding concerns in mind as we improve, refine and curate our growing collection of schemas, we'll be doing our part to continue improving the web.

SSI for Europe

Digital Identity for all Europeans

  • Available to any EU citizen, resident, or business in the EU who wants to use it

  • Widely useable as a way of identification or to confirm certain personal attributes for the purpose of access to public and private digital services across the EU

  • Giving full control to users to choose which aspects of their identity, data and certificates they share with third parties, and keep track of such sharing

eSSIF-Lab Principles

Since parties are autonomous, their trust is highly subjective. As a consequence, the idea of having 'trusted registries', 'trusted issuers' that do not take this subjectivity into account basically act as (centralized) authorities, denying that parties are autonomous.

Commission proposes a trusted and secure Digital Identity for all Europeans

there is no requirement for Member States to develop a national digital ID and to make it interoperable with the ones of other Member States, which leads to high discrepancies between countries. The current proposal will address these shortcomings by improving the effectiveness of the framework and extending its benefits to the private sector and to mobile use.

TechCrunch Europe wants to go its own way on digital identity

Alongside today’s regulatory proposal they’ve put out a recommendation, inviting member states to “establish a common toolbox by September 2022 and to start the necessary preparatory work immediately” — with a goal of publishing the agreed toolbox in October 2022 and starting pilot projects (based on the agreed technical framework) sometime thereafter.

“This toolbox should include the technical architecture, standards and guidelines for best practices,” the commission adds, eliding the large cans of worms being firmly cracked open.

A trusted and secure European e-ID - Regulation

The legal instrument aims to provide, for cross-border use:

– access to highly secure and trustworthy electronic identity solutions,

– that public and private services can rely on trusted and secure digital identity solutions,

– that natural and legal persons are empowered to use digital identity solutions, 

– that these solutions are linked to a variety of attributes and allow for the targeted sharing of identity data limited to the needs of the specific service requested,

– acceptance of qualified trust services in the EU and equal conditions for their provision.

Beyond SSI

Holochain Gets Some Parsts Upgrades

Tools for Thought Interchange: Part 1 Fission Codes

also known as second brains, digital gardens, or simply personal note taking apps — […] The question we posed was: how do we work on interchange between these systems?

What does ‘Good’ Digital Identification look like?

Not Looking Good

Very Worrying Development Internet Identity: The End of Usernames and Passwords via centralized issuance of a number? 

The business models of identity

A post by Verim justifying their pay to play for Identity credentials.  Adding another layer of complication

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