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InfoCert at the eIDAS Summit • June 15

Carmine Auletta – our Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer – will present InfoCert perspective on the future of digital identity at 12:10, after that he will leave the stage to Andreas Plies – CEO and Founder of Authada – presenting the digital signature solution for the German market developed together with InfoCert.

Digital Twins and Self-Sovereign Identity: Build the Next Generation of Simulation with Privacy Preservation • June 24th, Jim St.Clair

1) The challenges of digital identity and ICAM in IoT and digital twins

2) How to apply SSI and decentralized identity with IoT and digital twins

3) How the Sovrin Foundation is advancing SSI in IoT for industry use

EEMA Annual Conference • 6/29-7/1

The 34th The European Association for e-Identity and Security Annual Conference focuses on ‘Securing Trust in the New Digital Reality’. (Kaliya is speaking) 

Identiverse 2021 • June 21-23 (Denver)


Communications Manager/Director position • DIF

managing and coordinating DIF’s communications channels and overall messaging strategy. 

Developer Evangelist • Affinidi

get software developers excited about building Verifiable Credential based trust ecosystems leveraging Affinidi's APIs

Business Consultant Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) The Hague • TNO

With clients and partners you will jointly develop projects geared to the use of SSI in automated administrative decision-making processes. 


Good Health Pass Collaborative Releases Draft Blueprint for Digital Health Passes in Advance of G7 Summit

The Blueprint — released today in draft form for a three-week period of stakeholder consultations and public comment — is intended to stimulate discussion at the G7 Summit, which will open Friday in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, UK.

Review the Good Health Pass Blueprint

Our co-editor Kaliya Young has spent the past three months working with the community to develop the Good Health Pass Interoperability Blueprint that enables the use of Verifiable Credentials to share as little information as possible with parties who need to know your COVID health status (like airlines transporting you to a country that requires test results).

The comment period is open until June 17th

For a high level view, check out the terminology deck or the slide deck that was shared on webinars with the travel industry. 

Introducing the Global COVID Certificate Network (GCCN)

we are proud to launch the Global COVID Certificate Network (GCCN), an initiative to enable interoperable and trustworthy verification of COVID certificates between jurisdictions for safe border reopening. GCCN will include a global directory of trust registries to enable cross-border certificate verification, and be a home for toolkits and community-managed support for those building and managing COVID certificate systems.

Linux Foundation Public Health introduces the Global COVID Certificate Network to operationalize the Good Health Pass Interoperability Blueprint

Paul Knowles, Head of the Advisory Council at the Human Colossus Foundation, co-led the Standard Data Models and Elements drafting group, one of the nine interconnected GHPC drafting groups, to spearhead group recommendations on data elements, common models for data exchange, and semantic harmonization. The recommendations of that drafting group will help to enable data interoperability without putting any undue burden on existing health systems and workflows

Explore Verifiable Health Records Apple

Apple Announces Support for VCI credentials at WWDC (Almost proper JSON-JWT but not quite)

Implementing the Good Health Pass’s recommendations with Cardea

Cardea, a full, open-source ecosystem for verifiable health credentials developed by Indicio and now a community-led project at LFPH, meets the major recommendations of the Good Health Pass and facilitates the goals of the Global COVID Certificate Network.

IdRamp Joins Linux Foundation Public Health Cardea Project Steering Committee

The Cardea and GCCN projects are both excellent examples of breakthrough innovations that can take shape when companies and projects come together to solve real-world problems, using open source tools available to everyone

GlobaliD joins the Linux Foundation’s Cardea Project

Covid-19 Vaccination Passes Could Cataylze Self-Sovereign Identity Adoption

The EU previously announced fully vaccinated Americans could travel this summer and regional EU travellers could potentially use an EU Digital COVID Certificate as early as July 1.

New York’s Vaccine Passport Could Cost Taxpayers $17 Million

The state’s contract with IBM details a Phase 2 of the Excelsior Pass, which could include uses that some advocates say raise privacy concerns.

Europe Pivots to SSI 

EU Announcement: European Digital Identity

The EU Announcement is the Biggest Ever in SSI Credential Master

Timothy Ruff’s analysis and commentary on the EU Announcement this week about its new digital identity strategy. 

EU plans digital ID wallet for bloc’s post-pandemic life

The European Digital Identity Wallet proposed by the EU’s executive commission is a smartphone app that would let users store electronic forms of identification and other official documents, such as driver’s licenses, prescriptions and school diplomas.

EU decision on Identity Wallet: Starting signal for a seamless digital future

Last week, the EU Commission published a draft for the so-called digital identity wallet “EUid”. According to it, within 12 months of the law coming into force, every EU state must provide its citizens with a digital wallet.

Blockchain-enabled Self-Sovereign Identity

Martin Schäffner, the initiator of the EuSSI Working Group of theEuropean Blockchain Association and expert in Self-Sovereign Identity, explains the concept of Self-Sovereign Identity and how it differentiates from conventional digital identities. 


What Are Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI)? Europechain

In this context, ‘self-sovereignty’ refers to the ability of the individual or the organization in control of the identity to share it and present it to other agencies with no intermediaries.

The Power of Verifiable Credentials Credential Master

Industries Adopting VCs

GovernmentEU Identity Wallet (all of European Union), German governmentCanadian GovernmentUS Dept. of Homeland SecurityUS Customs and Border PatrolBritish ColumbiaFinland/NordicsLatin America/CarribbeanNetherlands Ministry of Justice

Big TechMicrosoftIBMWorkdayDeloitteLGIEEE

Travel: International Air Travel Association (32 airlines so far), World Economic Forum

EducationT3 Innovation Network (US Chamber of Commerce Foundation), Digital Credentials Consortium (members include Harvard, MIT, Georgia Tech, more), ASU

Supply ChainGS1 (bar codes, QR codes), World Economic Forum

Financial: Credit Unions, GLEIF (Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation)

HealthcareVCI (400 organizations), NHSLumedic


Blockchain, cyber, and Zero Trust (video)

Heather Dahl from and I will discuss what the hell is the Blockchain and how is it being used for identity and in the future for the average user, and does this apply to #zerotrust?

Standards work

SecureKey’s New Ledger-Agnostic did:orb

did:orb that decouples DIDs from ledgers while maintaining trust and security. SecureKey is leveraging standard and open-source peer-to-peer protocols like ActivityPub, data structures like verifiable credentials content-addressed storage like IPFS, and distributed trust services like the Google Trillian project to build a peer-to-peer trust network.


Building an SSI Ecosystem: MemberPass and Credit Unions

Credit unions and their members face the threat of fraud on all sides. And credit unions employ lots of tools to fight it. But ultimately, the problem comes down to the member and credit union authenticating each other. The problem is that doing this securely annoys people. 

Simplify medical supply orders with SSI: Techruption innovation project

Participants in this co-creation use case were TNO, CZ, Rabobank and Accenture. The developed solution can be applied in other industries as well. For example in public services, which are often offered by a network of organisations that are all required to comply with high administrative standards.

Divitel & Ledger Leopard Team Up to Apply Blockchain & Self Sovereign Identity Technology to Video Distribution

ready to market by end of end of 2022 offering increased flexibility, control, ease of use and speed when managing the access of video distribution ecosystem data, independent of the technology used.  Divitel video carrier customers will be offered the option to include this blockchain module on top of their ecosystems.

Digital Identity: Enabling dignified access to humanitarian services in migration - PrepareCenter

The primary objective of the report is to inform humanitarian organizations working with migrants of the opportunities and risks in the use of digital identities in providing services throughout the migrants’ journeys.

Almost SSI?

You’ll soon be able to use your iPhone as ID at the airport: Apple Wallet is also getting support for hotel keys

Apple has announced a forthcoming update to its Wallet app that will allow you to use your iPhone as digital identification in select US airports. The company showed how you’ll be able to scan your driver’s license or state ID in participating US states, which will then be encrypted and stored in the iPhone’s secure enclave. The company says it’s working with the TSA to enable the iPhone to be used as identification at airport security checkpoints.


Shedding Light on Dark Patterns

The Me2B Alliance announces: Digital Harms Dictionary 2.0

Can I trust you? MyDex

This is the second of two blogs on our new White Paper: Achieving Transform At Scale. The first blog focused on the infrastructure challenge. This blog focuses on the parallel need for institutional innovation.

Identity Not SSI 

OpenID: Public Review Period for Proposed Final OpenID Connect Client-Initiated Backchannel Authentication (CIBA) Core Specification

OpenID: Public Review Period for Two Proposed SSE Implementer’s Drafts

Matt Flynn: Information Security | Identity & Access Mgmt.

Decentralized Finance & Self-sovereign Identity: A tale of decentralization, a new paradigm of trust

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