Identosphere #37 • Apple going Passwordless • Hashgraph joins W3C • Open Badges as VCs

A curated collection of upcoming events, news, updates, standards work, tweets and blog posts in decentralized identity and SSI

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    Session that looks good: Why Isn’t Identity Easy?

Meme of the Month

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Self Sovereign Identity is an integral part of WEB3.0 Be free, own your identity! #KILT #YourWildestMemes #WEB3

Good Health Pass

Blueprint for a Digital Health Pass Kuppinger Cole

Binding an identity to a Verifiable Credential remains valid beyond the point of verification by being able to match a real-time biometric data point with one which was logged at the point of verification

Good Health Pass Blueprint and the Global Covid Credentials Initiative by LFPH presented at the DIF Interop Working Group

High Level

5 Reasons to Use an Identity Wallet Affinidi

identity wallets are an integral part of the future as it comes with a ton of benefits geared for the next-gen online security.

DID 101: A Brief Introduction to What Makes Ontology Special

OScore is an independent on-chain reputation system, generated using on-chain data including your ONT ID, engagements, assets, and credentials.

Digital Identity Wallet: A place for your self-sovereign identity SSI Ambassador

This article explains what a wallet is, how it works and how you can use it for managing your digital identity

New to the topic of self-sovereign identity? SSIAmbassador

No problem, there are several beginner #guides, which you can use to get familiar with the new standard for digital #identity.

To Succeed In Decentralizing Digital Identity, Focus On Relationships First Forbes

2020 forced the world of identity to step up, and it has. There's much more innovation on the horizon to look forward to.

^^^ @UbikomProject tweets: “Nice overview, somewhat questionable assumptions”

Standards Work

Verifiable Claim Protocol Ontology

This isn’t new, but it’s new to us, and thought our readers might appreciate it, in case you have also wondered about the nuts and bolts behind OntID

Open Badges as Verifiable Credentials

In the W3C VC-EDU call on June 7, 2021 we discussed Open Badges asserted as W3C Verifiable Credentials (VCs). This call began the public discussion of Open Badges as Native VCs (potentially as Open Badges 3.0) to inform the IMS Open Badges Working Group. Why are we discussing this? Why does it matter? How will it work?  

Hedera Hashgraph Joins World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

We welcome Hedera as a contributing member to the W3C DID Working Group and congratulate their team for reaching this milestone of a published implementation of the latest W3C DID Identifiers v1.0 draft

Verifiable Credentials Aren’t Credentials. And They’re Not Verifiable In the Way You Might Think Timothy Ruff

VCs can carry any sort of data payload, and that isn’t just a good thing, it’s a great one. Part two of my container series covers how such fluid data portability could economically affect cyberspace to a degree comparable to how shipping containers affected global trade.


This is a general-purpose collection of frequently-asked questions, initiated/straw-manned by some regular contributors to the DIF Interoperability Working Group, DIF Staff, and volunteers organized on DIF’s member Slack.



supposed to be published this week

Exploring Potential Impacts of Self-Sovereign Identity on #SmartService Systems: An Analysis of #ElectricVehicle Charging Services by Daniel Richter and Jürgen Anke from @dresdenhtw


Revolutionising healthy ageing

Mydex’s role will be to provide the data sharing infrastructure to enable individuals and service providers to safely and efficiently share the right data at the right times, in ways that protects individuals’ privacy and puts them in control of their data at all times and enable two way engagement and feedback throughout the project.

Company News

Evernym Selected as a 2021 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum

The 2021 cohort of Tech Pioneers includes many future headline-makers at the forefront of their industries. These companies show great potential to not only shake up their industries but offer real solutions to global problems.

Introducing Veramo

how it evolved from the challenges faced with uPort’s libraries. In this next series of articles we will give Veramo a proper introduction and answer some of the basics: why it exists and what it does, followed by articles describing the architecture in more detail, and how to build applications using Veramo. 

Verifiable Credentials with Auth0 and MATTR

How to issue Verifiable Credentials from Auth0 user data using MATTR's Auth0 Marketplace Integration

The Verification Sessions API

Use the Verification Session API to securely collect information and perform verification checks. This API tracks a verification, from initial creation through the entire verification process, and shows verification results upon completion.

MemberPass Digital ID can help Reduce Expenses and Build Member Trust

It’s never been easy to run a credit union, especially when you get whacked from all sides. Regulations change, members always seem to want access to another shiny new technology gadget, and financial fraud continues to be a threat.

Certs: Now Available as a Self-Guided Demo Dock

Curious about what you can build on Dock? Try for yourself!

Public Sector

The LEI: A Swiss Army Knife for the World’s Digital Economy

The Global LEI System is the only open, commercially neutral, and regulatory endorsed system capable of establishing digitized trust between all legal entities everywhere. It was established as a public good

Recognizing Digital Identity as a National Issue Ping

we dove into creating a centralized and holistic approach to protecting and regulating identity in the United States and the specifics of why digital identity and cybersecurity are national issues that the private sectors simply cannot tackle on their own.

The Trust Economy in a Future New Zealand DigitalID NZ

My interest was first piqued when I came across three videos on YouTube from Rachel Botsman, Jordan Perterson and Philipp Kristian Diekhöner.

Trust has always been at the centre of society overall and commerce in particular

A Collaborative Approach to Meeting the Challenges in President Biden’s Executive Order on Improving US Cybersecurity

One key aspect outlined in Section 4 of the Executive Order (EO) is securing the software supply chain.

eSSIF-Lab Glossary

The keystone foundation companion to the Blockchain is Digital Identity DigitalScot

the core mechanics for forming these ecosystems through sharing Identity data between collaborating partners, exemplified by initiatives such as the EU’s recent announcement and explained here by the OIX Identity forum.

RaonSecure builds a blockchain-based digital wallet service with a public institution

Selection of RaonSecure as the final operator of the ‘blockchain-based digital wallet project’ that is part of the ‘2021 Blockchain Pilot Project’ program promoted by the Korean government

Identity not SSI

Announcing the FIDO Developer Challenge for Developers Across the Globe

create and demonstrate compelling and innovative applications leveraging FIDO standards and technologies.

What Is Zero Trust? Ping

  1. The network is always assumed to be hostile.

  2. External and internal threats exist on the network at all times.

  3. Network locality is not sufficient for deciding trust in a network.

  4. Every device, user and network flow is authenticated and authorized.

  5. Policies must be dynamic and calculated from as many sources of data as possible.

Introducing: The OAuth 2 Game

It features two dice, one for grants and another for application types. Throw the dice and consult the instructions to discover whether the combination of grant and application type you obtained happens to be a good one!

Social KYC, an Alternate Form of Identity Verification for Web3, with Ingo Rübe @KILTProtocol. SSIOrbit Podcast

Use cases in the Gaming industry and why gaming is poised to become early adopters of SSI

Not Identity (Business Processes) 

The Document Culture of Amazon Justin Garrison

Meetings start with reading. Depending on the length of the document, we’ll read anywhere from ten minutes to half an hour. If the meeting has a long document (six-pagers are the longest) and many attendees, the meeting will be scheduled for enough time to read and discuss.

Do Consumers Even Want Personalized Ads? Anonyme

The YouGov poll of consumers in France and Germany we mentioned earlier says it’s the behind the scenes or back door nature of personalization that gives people the creeps.

Decentralized Business Model Stepan Gershuni

How reduction in transaction costs influence evolution in digital business models

Innovative concepts and software for managing digital master data and certificates IDUnion

Companies today manage and maintain master data from business partners in multiple instances in various in-house IT systems — and do the same with their own master data in thirdparty systems.

Apple’s move beyond passwords

Discover in this technology preview how Apple is approaching this standard in iOS 15 and macOS Monterey.

Apple’s approach to passwordless is not particularly unique since it adheres to the FIDO standard, however their implementation and approach to the credential recovery problem is unique and relevant to enterprises.

Apple’s story is more about individual convenience in service of Apple. When it comes to the Big in Big Tech, Apple’s as Big as they come — all while being renowned control freaks. Their top-down approach to digital identity isn’t about portability or interoperability, it’s about strengthening their platform moat, where Apple takes a 30 percent cut on all sales.

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