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1/2 Day IIW Virtual Events – UX July 22nd and Business Aug 4th


Bloom Protocol jobs

Bloom Protocol has immediate opportunities for experienced frontend engineers who have a desire to work for an innovative company in the self-sovereign identity space. Bloom offers a collaborative, respectful environment with a flat management structure.

Women In Identity – new role of Executive Director

Reporting to the Board Chair, the Executive Director will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for Women in Identity’s staff, programs, expansion, infrastructure, budget as well as the execution of its mission.  

Building a more diverse and inclusive team Ceramic 

^^^ good advice for anyone listing positions and thinking about hiring. 

We hope this will allow others to learn from our experience and open opportunities to work together to improve the practices and norms throughout the ecosystem. 

High Level

Self-Sovereign Identity: The Ultimate Beginners Guide! TYKN

A secure and digital peer-to-peer channel is established between ID Issuer, ID Owner and ID Verifier. When credentials are exchanged not even the Self-Sovereign Identity system provider knows what is being exchanged. Credential issuing becomes simpler and faster.

The Future: Proving your Identity GDPR Now

we talk about the future of credential management – Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) also known as decentralised identity. SSI is an efficient, secure and privacy enhancing solution for identity verification. It puts individuals at the centre of the verification process and is the future of identity management.

Self-Sovereign Identity: What’s the Big Deal? Hackernoon \ Affinidi

Do you know where your digital credentials like your full name, date of birth, phone number, government ID, and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are stored online, and how they are used?


Choice, decision making and judgment; is your relationship constructive or destructive? MyDigitalFootprint

My proposal to help support better governance is that we request companies publish the questions asked in a board meeting. Not the answers, but definitely the questions.

The railroad of (no) choice MyDigitalFootprint

To be clear, railroaded means in this context:

  • to force something to be officially approved or accepted without much discussion or thought.

  • to force someone into doing something quickly, usually without enough information.

Alternatives to the CompuServe of Things Windley

^^^ Interesting feature: Phil is leveraging the Hypothesis sidebar for comments\annotation - 

The current model for connected things puts manufacturers in between people and their things. That model negatively affects personal freedom, privacy, and society. Alternate models can provide the same benefits of connected devices without the societal and personal costs.


Setting Interoperability Targets Part 1 of 2 Decentralized Identity Foundation

These will probably always differ and make a universal abstraction impossible; and that’s not a bad thing! These requirements are always going to be specific to each regulatory context, and without them, innovation (and large-scale investment) are endangered by regulatory uncertainty.

Setting Interoperability Targets Part 2 of 2 Decentralized Identity Foundation

Having shown in our last piece how interoperability "profiles" are designed, we now tackle some key technical problem areas ripe for this kind of profile-first interoperability work across stacks.

21 Industry leaders from five continents join Indicio Network consortium to drive global adoption of decentralized identity

GlobaliD, USA; Uphold, Portugal; ID Ramp, USA; Cynjatech, USA; Finclusive, USA; Xertify, Colombia; Snowbridge Inc., Taiwan; Entrustient, USA; Bot Ventures, Inc., Canada; BlockSpaces, USA; Blockster Labs, Anonyome Labs, Australia;, Romania; Liquid Avatar Technologies, Canada; Snapper Future Tech, India; Lorica Identity, USA; BizSecure, USA; Networks Synergy, Kazakhstan; Absolutely Zero Cyber, USA; Cysecure, USA; VERSES Labs, USA

@henkvancann tweets:

In the past few weeks we introduced 7 categories of #FAQ about Decentralised and Self Sovereign IDs from @DecentralizedID by @by_caballero + @vongohren + myself

How DAOs Benefit from Self-Sovereign Identity SSIOrbit

How DAOs are the next logical evolution of coordination mechanisms for communities & companies.

How DAOs are really just a mix of Decentralized ID + Reputation.

How the adoption of Verifiable Credentials with DAOs and open protocols can take off very quick within the next year.

How a DAO can be an Issuer/Verifier of Verifiable Credentials.

The need for decentralized reputation mechanisms and trust scores.

Company Updates

Announcing Trinsic’s Largest Platform Update Ever Trinsic

The next version of the Trinsic platform is 10x as accessible, 100x more performant, and 1,000x more scalable. And it is available now. 

Understanding GlobaliD’s identity platform

within the context of a self-sovereign identity that means that i as the holder of that Credential i'm the only one that gets to decide who gets to see it which is a pretty wild concept 

Announcing the Affinidi Prize Winners of Hack the Mountain 2.0

The winning teams are JCoders and Team Straw hat coders. Congratulations to both teams. They will be receiving 10,000 INR worth ETH.

CIDPRO™ – Certified Identity Professional – program

  • Basic elements of an identity solution

  • Identifiers, identity lifecycle, and identity proofing

  • Security for identity

  • Rules and standards

  • Operational considerations

How and DTACT’s partnership is opening up a bright future for user centricity

Sander Swinkels, DTACT CEO, explains that a common vision of securely enabling – and safeguarding – the sharing of personal data with consent is what drew the two companies together. And they have been working to build something unique, frictionless and fast with users firmly at the centre, based on an open framework which is easily scalable. is live and ready for communities/users

If you are looking for an alternative to Facebook that uses DIDs as its foundation and other protocols that are free to use (JLINC) Kaliya highly recommend

We Told You So: Apple’s New Privacy Changes Validate What We’ve Done For Years Anonyme

    Privacy changes from big tech are coming thick and fast right now. 

Case Study: Gravity digital ID solution propels Dignified Identities in Cash Programing (DIGID) Project in Kenya

The Gravity Platform was developed through direct inputs from all types of end-users through user consultations with local communities and NGO staff. 


Developers Guide to GPG and YubiKey Okta

I’ll walk through configuring a YubiKey and highlight some of the things I’ve learned along the way.

What Is an API? How APIs Work (for Non-Developers) Auth0

Learn how APIs can accelerate software development and delivery.

User Experience

How humans understand identity Universal Identity

^^^ Kaliya likes this post 

Lack of great user experiences is often raised as one of decentralized identity’s (and public blockchain’s) missing ingredients for ubiquitous adoption. However to arrive at usable experiences across the industry, we first need to reach consensus around basic user personas and mental models, then design and build interoperable system accordingly.

Public Sector

Three Key Takeaways from the FATF’s Latest 12-Month Review on Virtual assets Elliptic

Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the global standard-setter for anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT), released its second 12-month review on virtual assets (You can read our summary of its first report from July 2020 report here).

Biden Reverses Trump Order to Expand DHS’s Biometrics Collection

In a move that is likely to please privacy advocates across the country, the Biden Administration has announced that it has officially rescinded a policy proposed by the Trump Administration that would have considerably expanded the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) powers to collect biometric data from immigrants.

US Lawmakers Ask Government to Deliver Better Digital Identity Framework

witnesses should weigh any risks of voice and facial recognition software, which has historically exhibited bias against women and people of color, versus the potential benefits. This hearing will also discuss the future of digital identity frameworks, interoperability requirements and standards, and how the emerging technologies such as AI and distributed ledger technology could contribute to building a secure and effective digital ID.

Towards a universal, self-sovereign and privacy preserving digital identity for the public sector Impulse

The EU-funded IMPULSE focuses on building a decentralised Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) model by combining two of the most promising technologies available today, such as Artificial Intelligence and blockchain networks, with the aim of facing the limitation of the existing electronic identification systems in the public sector..

What does the EU Wallet mean for self-sovereign identity? Fintech Talents

While the EU wallet may not align entirely with every principle of self-sovereign identity, it is certainly a massive leap in that direction.

IDnow supports European digital identity ecosystem

IDnow joins IDunion, the network initiative for digital identities funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

Identity \ Privacy

What Is Password Spraying? How to Stop Password Spraying Attacks

Password spraying attacks can cause major data breaches. Here’s how to prevent them from doing so.In a move that is likely to please privacy advocates across the country, the Biden Administration has announced that it has officially rescinded a policy proposed by the Trump Administration that would have considerably expanded the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) powers to collect biometric data from immigrants.

Is Facebook a monopoly GID Report

^^ the wealth of material about facebook is vast. 

Rapid developments in digital transformation put pressure on businesses to constantly update and adapt to new technology.

Privacy Risks With Opioid Recovery Apps ExpressVPN

Perhaps the most alarming revelation from our study of ten opioid addiction treatment and recovery apps is the consistent access of unique identifiers, given the sensitivity of privacy around health and substance use issues. 

The Working Principles of 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) Software Auth0

There’s a lot of “magic” happening under the hood of how software 2FA works. Today, we’re going to peel back the curtains and see how it works, how the codes are generated, what it protects and doesn’t protect from.

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