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Being a MyData operator is more than subscribing to the MyData principles or adhering to data regulations. It is a commitment to provide trust in an advanced data economy where both organisations and individuals are winners.

  • Applications open: Sep30th 2021

  • Awards made: Mid / Late November 2021


Evolving Identity Management Self-Sovereign Identity TRST01

Based on the emergence and critical features of valuable integration of Blockchain and Digital Identity Management, many critical approaches or use-cases could be raised to enhance the decentralisation feature with user identity control. Based on the validation mentioned above, TRST01, through its QR enabled Blockchain technology, has the ability and typical architecture for live integrations and implementations. 

How Verifiable Creds, Decentralized Identifiers and Blockchain Work Together for a Safer Internet Hackernoon

Verifiable credentials, DIDs, and blockchain are evidence of what's to come: Web3, a more secure, widespread, machine-to-machine internet.

What is the Trust Triangle? Affinidi

The relationship between the issuers, holders, and verifiers is called the trust triangle simply because you need an element of trust among these entities for them to work together.


Life Will Find a Way Windley

Life succeeds because it's terrifically decentralized. I find that miraculous. Humans have a tough time thinking about decentralized systems and designing them in ways that succeed.

Navigating Digital Identity in Political Economies RxC Panel

Infominer says: Oooh fancy! IdentityWoman on RadicalxChange!

the world is fundamentally social and intersectional — we are all part of networks. So how might we formalize digital identity in a way that better reflects this complex reality? 

Standards Work

Meet Kantara’s new Executive Director, Kay Chopard Lets Talk about Digital Identity 

Kay explores why identity is so critical in so many applications; her hope for more promotion of Kantara’s great work and to advance opportunities for collaboration; Kantara’s new mobile drivers licenses (mDLs) work group; Women in Identity and the problem of lack of diversity in standards working groups; and why access and inclusion is one of the biggest challenges facing identity today.

Kantara Releases Report on Identity and Privacy Protection For mobile Driver’s Licenses

The report outlines how to implement mDL systems as Privacy Enhancing Technologies. It provides guidance on protecting people’s individual privacy and the digital identifiers of an individual who carries or uses an mDL.

DIF Grant #1: JWS Test Suite

The Claims and Credentials Working Group will be overseeing a new work item open to all DIF members that creates and harden a JWS test suite, with this grant funding a lead editor to drive the work and keep it to a pre-determined timeline, paid upon stable and complete release.

Shared Signals: An Open Standard for Webhooks  OpenID

The OpenID Foundation formed the “Shared Signals and Events” (SSE) Working Group as a combination of the previous OpenID RISC working group and an informal industry group that was focused on standardizing Google’s CAEP proposal. These represented two distinct applications of the same underlying mechanism of managing asynchronous streams of events. Therefore the SSE Framework is now proposed to be a standard for managing such streams of events for any application, not just CAEP and RISC. In effect, it is a standard for generalized Webhooks.

VC Spec Enhancement Proposal Sam Smith

the VC standard appears to be an adoption vector for Linked Data, not the other way around. My overriding interest is that the concept of a VC as a securely attributable statement is a very powerful and attractive one and therefore should be widely adopted. We should therefore be picking the best technologies that best support broad VC adoption, not the other way around.

Company updates

We are now officially live in Myanmar!

ZADA apps are all launched and our first digital ID – a COVIDPASS – is being issued by Pun Hlaing Hospitals to everyone who gets vaccinated.

Ethiopia: Innovation - Here's What Cardano (ADA) Has Been Up to With the Ethiopia Project

"The vision of the company is to improve the systems of the world for everyone everywhere, and the places that need better systems aren't necessarily Berlin or New York City. So you have to go to places that are a little more difficult, and you have to be very careful as you do it."

PUBLISH to launch ‘PUBLISHiD’, blockchain-based authentication application, in September

PUBLISHiD users will further be able to assemble collections of verifiable credentials from one or more issuers into a single verifiable presentation. Other features include DAuth-based authentication, single-sign on (SSO), and an agent ID service capable of handling the management of and security between credential issuers and verifiers.

Public Sector

Working together to create an eIDAS wallet Jolocom

Jolocom is currently working on the project “ONCE – Online einfach anmelden” (simply register online – ONCE) alongside a number of prestigious partners, with the aim to bring the digital identity of any citizen onto their smartphone.

The project is part of the competitive innovation programme “Showcase Secure Digital Identities” (SSDI) funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and one of four projects that qualified for the implementation phase.

Opening New York State for business with the power of blockchain IBM

Excelsior Pass Plus expands travel and commerce opportunities for New Yorkers by enabling compatibility with New York State’s Excelsior Pass platform which has generated three million passes since its launch in March that provide digital proof of vaccination or a negative test result.

Use Cases

Self-Sovereign Identity for Online Gaming, VR, & AR – Crucible Evernym (via

Crucible's CEO (Ryan Gill) and CTO (Toby Tremayne) for a discussion on what self-sovereign identity (SSI) and verifiable credentials mean for gaming and the greater online entertainment sector.

Introduction to Smart Property Humanizing the Singularity

How can we streamline and improve the techno-social protocols around commerce so we can better maintain equilibrium with our planet and ourselves?

Houston we have a Problem – An Identity Problem in the Oil and Gas industry Indicio

- President Biden’s cybersecurity executive order 

- The security landscape for global enterprises 

- Decentralized identity, what it is and how it fortifies existing data infrastructure 

- Case study: applying zero trust and decentralized identity to energy

Electronic signatures for hospitality ValidatedID

Looking at the many developments that have happened lately, digitization has become the center of attention for all kinds of industries, and yet many of the typical processes within the hospitality industry remain paper-based. 

Using Blockchain to Get Information When You Need It from Wherever You Are Information Matters

The goal of this project is to provide unencumbered access to digital content and print collections while ensuring the privacy and personal identity of each user is secure. Partner libraries will issue a ULC to any individual with either a fixed or descriptive address. Information access will be increased as users gain access to resources and services in those libraries that recognize the ULC.

Identity + Security + Privacy = Trust DigitalID NZ

We had four insightful presentations, given by Jono Soo (Marsh NZ), Jonathon Berry (InPhySec), Andy Prow (Red Shield) and Paul Platen (SSS) which provided a deep-dive into what has been going on in the world of cyber security and insurance

How decentralised identity & verifiable credentials will transform the world of healthcare HealthTech World

When a medical accrediting agency provides a digitally signed certificate, the healthcare practitioner and owner of that certificate holds the credential in a digital wallet. The details of the credential such as the time stamp in which the certificate was given and how long it is valid for, can be optionally held within a blockchain network, digitally linked to the certificate, this process is called ‘anchoring’.

Kaliya Young on Identikit with Michelle Dennedy

our latest series examining the evolution of digital identity, and how self-sovereign identity, specifically, can advance a consent-based economy.


Understand the usage in Education CRUBN

The digital transformation of the education sector ValidatedID

For schools and universities, adopting the electronic signature as a tool not only implies an improvement in the experience for students and employees, but it also means a great improvement in administrative processes.


FOS Ep. 5: Ian Grigg on Crypto, Identity, Community, and Building Positive-Sum Systems

Ian Grigg is one of the most influential builders in the crypto space, having built digital asset systems since the nineties. We discuss his invention of the Ricardian contract framework, what makes cryptonetworks successful, identity as communal phenomenon, and the importance of building positive-sum systems.


EIC Speaker Spotlight: Nat Sakimura Introducing Gain • OpenID Foundation

if you look at the the cost structure of the financial industry a lot of cost Is towards anti-money laundering and related activities and that actually is identity problem [...] we should try to solve the use case with a user centricity in mind

DeFi regulation must not kill the values behind decentralization Cointelegraph

Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recentlyproposed guidelines making it clear that “The owner/operator(s) of the DApp likely fall under the definition of a VASP [virtual asset service provider] [...] even if other parties play a role in the service or portions of the process are automated.

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