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We should not need trust to be able to do trade and share. Trust should be an implicit hallmark, not an explicit task. What do we need to develop to remove the need to achieve it? And what do we need instead? 


DIACC Project Coordinator (Bilingual)

DIACC is seeking a highly motivated English and French bilingual Project Coordinator to support projects, meetings, events, community engagement, project plans, and action tracking.


Principal Authority: A New Perspective on Self-Sovereign Identity Blockchain Commons

One of the most important steps going forward will be to continue working with the Digital Identity subcommittee in the Wyoming legislature. However, I’d also welcome discussions with other states and nations, to ensure that we have great definitions of digital identity that support self-sovereign identity everywhere.

Toothbrush Identity

Identity finds its way into everything—even toothbrushes. Careful planning can overcome privacy concerns to yield real benefits to businesses and customers alike.


Self-Sovereign Identity Foundations, Applications, and Potentials of Portable Digital Identities 

Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT, Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering 


DHS SVIP Demo Week Day 2 Blockchain & DLT September 15, 2021


Creating Social Inclusion Opportunities for African Youth with Lohan Spies

Yoma is a youth marketplace that is incubated by UNICEF in Africa.  It enables youth to Learn (through Yoma learning partners), Earn (through employers in the ecosystem) and Thrive by completing Impact challenges (e.g., plastic clean-up, reforestation) that benefit our environment and communities.  All of this is enabled through a SSI-enabled digital CV and personalized learning environment.

Why Self-Sovereign Digital Identity Is A Game Changer For Financial Inclusion In Africa

This builds on four years of Absa’s work with BankServ, other banks and multiple local and global forums, to set up an industry-wide governance framework for self-sovereign identity, including collaboration with the South African International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) to develop documentation that covers the standards for SSDI management.


Trust Registries Webinar Continuum Loop

Questions started at about [46:30]  – though some questions came earlier. We covered:

  • “I don’t trust organizations and corporations” – where we point out the “decentralize the world” approach goes to far.

  • Phoning home – (hint: no it doesn’t need to phone home)

  • Where are Holders Authorized? (hint: Knowing if you can trust Bubba’s Wallet may be more important…)

  • Canadian Digitial Identities are emerging – can startups leverage this? 

  • Explain the Role of Government in ecosystems. 

  • “Can a third party discover who I trust from a trust registry?”

  • How will interoperability work between trust registries?

Data Governance


Japan-based Dixon Siu to join the Board of aNewGovernance AISBL

Given his breadth of experience and alignment with a number of strategic sectors where aNewGovernance is currently developing ecosystems, I am sure, he will bring incredible contribution.

Data Privacy: does anyone care? Meeco

The compelling data and research suggest that my original question now needs to be reframed. People most certainly do care about their data privacy. The question now is: how are organisations going to bridge this data privacy chasm?

Data Sovereignty International Forum 2021(English)

Trusted Data Ecosystems: The Indicio Way

This multidimensional value—authenticity, compliance, integrity, and resilience—coupled with being easy to integrate is what separates the Indicio approach from the rest. Our growth in 16 months—with global enterprise customers and a global decentralized blockchain network supported by 23 companies on five continents is a sign that fundamental change is coming in the way we share information.

Public Sector

European Union

Experience the future with the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI)

Discover Eva’s journey using the blockchain solution developed by the European Commission and the European Blockchain Partnership members: the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) -


With the Digital Services Act (DSA), the European Union is to adopt landmark legislation that will create a framework to regulate online platforms around the world. The DSA will have an impact on the free expression of opinions online, our choices as consumers, the right to privacy and the basic mechanisms of the global Internet.


Data: A new direction

● secure the UK's status as a global hub for the free and responsible flow of personal data - complementing our ambitious agenda for new trade deals and data partnerships with some of the world’s fastest growing economies

● reinforce the responsibility of businesses to keep personal information safe, while empowering them to grow and innovate

● ensure that the ICO remains a world-leading regulator, enabling people to use data responsibly to achieve economic and social goals

China PIPL

PIPL: A game changer for companies in China DataProtection

China passed its Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) on 20 August 2021. This is China’s first omnibus data protection law, and will take effect from 1 November 2021 allowing companies just over two months to prepare themselves.


Be a Digital ID Champion DIACC

  • Promote digital ID to accelerate economic recovery and secure equitable social inclusion.

  • Work with DIACC and others to establish privacy-protecting digital ID that empowers individuals, businesses, the public sector and civil society.

Company Updates

A Conversation with Joseph Thompson of AID:Tech

we can expect more awareness and adoption in five years because of the enormous upsides for both individuals and organizations.

Indicio Named Finalist in IDC’s Inaugural Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure North America Awards

The finalists have effectively used digital infrastructure across on-prem, edge and public cloud platforms to transform their most important business processes and to launch new digital business innovations. They are to be congratulated for their vision and industry leadership!

ForgeRock goes public

Today is an huge milestone for ForgeRock. We are becoming a public company, with our stock publicly traded under the “FORG” symbol, at the New York Stock Exchange.


OpenID Connect Presentation at 2021 European Identity and Cloud (EIC) Conference

I gave the following presentation on the OpenID Connect Working Group during the September 13, 2021 OpenID Workshop at the 2021 European Identity and Cloud (EIC) conference. As I noted during the talk, this is an exciting time for OpenID Connect; there’s more happening now than at any time since the original OpenID Connect specs were created!

Hyperledger Aries Graduates To Active Status

The TSC commended the Aries project during the meeting for the project’s highly diverse contributors. Achieving a high number of organizations contributing to a project at Hyperledger is often a challenge. Congratulations are due to those participating in and supporting the Aries Project.


Different types of DIDs can be registered and anchored using unique rules specific to the set of infrastructure where they’re stored. Since DIDs provide provenance for keys which are controlled by DID owners, the rules and systems that govern each kind of DID method have a significant impact on the trust and maintenance model for these identifiers. 


A Goldilocks point for Digitised Vaccination Certificates

Global Assured Identity Network

Panel | Bringing the Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN) to Reality

These may seem off-topic but Bill Wendell has been engaged with the VRM and IIW community for well over a decade - He has some great ideas on how to reform/transform the real-estate industry with ideas/models our community has been discussing. If you are looking for an opportunity to collaborate and build something transformative I would reach out to him. 

GAIN – Global Assured Identity Network

Individuals can access with the peace of mind that all relying parties within the ecosystem are present and accountable. Sure, there will still be malicious vendors, but the scope will be more limited. The ecosystem will be much more secure than the current Internet. It will be enough for the participants to take action. Trust is reestablished.

Use Cases

Mobile Messaging, it’s more than 160 characters! It Is Time to Get Strategic IdentityPraxis

Yes, text messaging, aka SMS, is ubiquitous, but what should you do when you need to grow beyond what texting has to offer? Remember, “the medium is the message” (Marshall McLuhan, 1964). Text messaging is not the right channel for every engagement.


‘Kids Do What They’re Taught’: How to Get the Next Generation Off of Passwords

the current generation of children is being raised online. They are gaining access to online services from a young age both at school and at home, and that means that their caretakers need to make sure that those outlets are as secure as they would be for an adult. The NIST survey demonstrates that parents and educators have not yet accepted that responsibility, and that needs to change if the tech industry wants to cultivate a truly passwordless society.

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