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High Level

New: Microsoft's 5 guiding principles for decentralized identities


What Your Customers Really Want From Your Login Box Auth0

convenience and control: they want to choose which authentication method to use – whether it’s MFA or SSO or biometrics. They want a brand experience that resembles a concierge desk: a 24/7 service where no demand is too big. To top it off, they don’t want to see any technical glitches

Where the Intention Economy Beats the Attention Economy

There’s an economic theory here: Free customers are more valuable than captive ones—to themselves, to the companies they deal with, and to the marketplace. If that’s true, the intention economy will prove it.

The Future Now Problem Continuum Loop

When the idea of what is available right NOW is blurred among the ideas of the FUTURE, you can’t differentiate between what is feasible TODAY from what is not ready for prime time.


Dangling Domain From SDK Installed in 150+ Apple Apps Putting Kids, Families and Crypto Traders at Risk

TLDR: The Me2B Alliance believes apps including the AskingPoint SDK should be safe from malicious redirects or other exploits.

The next architecture for building Web3 data apps Ceramic

We're replacing the popular IDX runtime with a more powerful set of tools for building applications on Ceramic including DID DataStore, DataModels, and Self.ID.

Organization News


The TSWG provides guidance and specifications that support the ToIP 4-layer model from a technical standpoint.

Launching the Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN) with Elizabeth Garber UbiSecure

fills us in on what the GAIN project is, explaining how it’s different from other trust networks and why GAIN is good for financial institutions. She also discusses the role of the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) in the project, and what’s next for GAIN.

Kay Chopard Talks Digital Security, Diversity, and Business Advice Kantara - DigitalID NZ

Chopard’s vision for Kantara and the digital security world, her role in supporting diversity and inclusion, and other topics.

eSSIF-Lab ecosystem: the 2nd Business-oriented Programme participants


MyLog/LogBoard pulls together health information on temperature, sleep, heart rate and more into a single place that can be shared with doctors and medical staff. […] Data is held on mobile devices and not in the cloud and can be shared with a one-off URL that wipes all data after 72 hours.

What bridging the $81bn trade finance gap could mean for Africa with Barry Cooper from Cenfri GLEIF

we’re catching up with our key partners to hear their thoughts on how the project will bring about greater financial inclusion for SMEs on the continent and beyond.

Company Updates

Node Operator Spotlight: IdRamp Indicio

Recently we caught up with […] IdRamp, one of the first companies to become an Indicio Node Operator, to discuss their current projects, some goals for the future, and where they think decentralized identity is heading.

Evernym: September 2021 Release Notes

  • A fee will be charged on a regular basis to remain an endorser on either MainNet or StagingNet.

  • In addition to the endorser fee, write fees will now be charged for transactions on Sovrin StagingNet in a similar fashion to the existing fees on Sovrin MainNet.

  • The current Sovrin Self Serve website will stop being used to become an endorser on StagingNet, and instead endorsers will be charged a fee after registering.

Talking tech and discussing data on the ‘Tech-Entrepreneur-on-a-Mission’ Podcast Digi.Me

Julian describes’s mission of empowering people with their personal data, as individuals know where all their data is, while they also have “a right for that data”. By having that knowledge and ownership, only individuals have “unlimited usage rights” to unlock the potential data has to be a force for good. 

Corporations, Capital Markets, & the Common Good — How We’re Working to Reorient the Rules and Rebalance Power in Our Economy Omidiyar

as part of our commitment to Reimagining Capitalism, Omidyar Network is committing $10 million to a new focus area: Corporations, Capital Markets, and the Common Good. The vision for this work is to reshape the rules that govern markets to incentivize corporations and their investors to contribute to the common good 

Imageware to add Biometrics to Blockchain Powered Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)

By joining the Decentralized Identity Foundation and Trust Over IP groups, we’ll be able to leverage their network and resources in our efforts to further develop a portfolio of SSI integrated biometric solutions.

DM Note #6 — Building the Spatial Justice Mission DarkMatter Labs

Self-sovereign objects are are self-executing and self-owning; capable of determining their own lifecycle to maximise material utility and performance whilst minimizing negative environmental impacts.

Proving our Point

Facebook & Instagram outages expose the pain points of Centralized identity systems

Covid \ Healthpass

Ugh! There's an App for That! <-Phil Windley on Vaccine certificates. 

Interoperability is a fundamental property of tech systems that are generative and respect individual privacy and autonomy. And, as a bonus, it makes people's live easier!

Building an SSI Ecosystem: Health Passes and the Design of an Ecosystem of Ecosystems Windley 

This post explores the ecosystem of ecosystems that is emerging as hundreds of organizations around the world rise to the challenge of implementing a globally interoperable system that also respects individual choice and privacy.


SSI Wallet LIst Gimly

Trinsic EsatusLissi IDJolocomSelfKeyConnect.MeiGrantGataca IdentityTalaoAceIDMattrDataKeeperMS AuthenticatorBloomDID Wallet

Winners Circle third Open Call: applications and winning proposals! is a Health Tech Challengers finalist! has been specifically designed to solve the current complexities and challenges around data mobility, which include difficulty of sourcing, variable quality, multiple incompatible formats and the need to apply complex and extensive data analytics to gain insights.

Indicio-SITA Pilot Named 2021 Enterprise Blockchain Award Finalist

Indicio […] and SITA, the leading provider of IT to the air transport industry, today announced they were finalists in the Blockchain Services Award: Tools & Middleware category in the Blockchain Research Institute’s Enterprise Blockchain Awards (EBAs). The partnership was recognized for their work on the Aruba Secure Health Card

Indicio CTO Named 2021 Enterprise Blockchain Award Finalist

Ken Ebert nominated in Blockchain Leadership Award category for vision and leadership in developing interoperable blockchain-based Trusted Data Ecosystems

The Blockchain Leadership awards honor people who have shown exceptional leadership in a blockchain collaboration or implementation within an enterprise, an industry, a government, or a multi stakeholder organization.

Public Sector

Early Adopters Programme | Imagining what EBSI can do for European citizens

Each project's private and public sector partners was given early access to the pre-production environment of EBSI, and was invited to develop their own pilot project to address a specific business or government use case involving the exchange of verifiable credentials.

Three Governments enabling digital identity interoperability  Heather Vescent

On September 15, 2021, I moderated a panel with representatives from the United States Government, the Canadian Government, and the European Commission. Below is an edited excerpt from the panel

IDunion: Germany’s Bold SSI Strategy with Hakan Yildiz

What use cases should a National Digital Identity program prioritize in collaboration with the private sector? As use cases become verticals of their own, what are then some of the horizontal considerations that need to be applied to enable all of the use cases to function within their relative ecosystems?

A key place for Identity in the Digital Strategy for Aotearoa

Colin Wallis will now head Digital

Our government is embarking on a journey to create A Digital Strategy for Aotearoa that seeks to respond to the social, economic, education and cultural opportunities from digital technology, along with the risks that these technologies can bring.


Online livelihoods and young women’s economic empowerment in Nigeria

1) In what ways might platform work empower women?

2) How can we make platforms work better for women?


Digital Identities and Verifiable Credentials (PDF)

we discuss the challenges of today’s centralized identity management and investigate current developments regarding verifiable credentials and digital wallets. Finally, we offer suggestions about promising areas of research into decentralized digital identities.

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