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A weekly review of the latest news and events related to the ecosystem and developments surrounding self sovereign identity technologies.

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The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center will host a panel discussion together with d-fine on self-sovereign identity (SSI).

This EOI invite’s expressions of interest for the provision of customer digital identity and verifiable credential capabilities to the Principal, for the purposes of credential validation and securely sharing identity across a variety of services


Self-Sovereign Identity: The Ultimate Beginners Guide! 101 Blockchains

Apart from addressing the pitfalls in conventional identity management systems, SSI allows better functionalities for all users. With a wide range of benefits and the self-sovereign identity blockchain applications, it is important to take a step towards adopting SSI solutions.

Zero Knowledge Proofs Phil Windley

This problem was first explored by MIT researchers Shafi Goldwasser, Silvio Micali and Charles Rackoff in the 1980s as a way of combatting information leakage. The goal is to reduce the amount of extra information the verifier, Victor, can learn about the prover, Peggy.

Understanding the SSI Identity Model with Verifiable Credentials Manning 

Badges and Credentials – A new currency for the digital world? Speexx Exchange

Listen to this episode for an entertaining deep dive into the topic of badges and credentials, as Donald Taylor sits down with Dr. Doug Belshaw to discuss the importance, various fields of application

SSI Essentials: What are Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) & Verifiable Credentials (VCs)? Gataca

The public keys of the user and the third-party organization for verifying the digital signature are recorded in a distributed ledger, and the user of the identity information verifies the provided information using them

Beyond The Device With Self-Sovereign Identities Forbes

In 2021, the average cost of a data breach reached an all-time high of $4.24 million, even though businesses are already spending millions more to combat financial crime and meet their regulatory and compliance responsibilities.

Evolution of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Lionsgate

Very few people trust the intent or purpose for collecting data because they don’t trust the people mandating the collection. However, the pandemic caused the necessity of better digital identification systems, and almost like it had been planned all along, it’s now impossible to travel without Self-sovereign Identity.


Self-sovereign identity: Why blockchain? Dan Gisolfi, IBM

blockchain provides a transparent, immutable, reliable and auditable way to address the seamless and secure exchange of cryptographic keys. To better understand this position, let us explore some foundational concepts.

Company News

The SSI Kit Walt ID

The SSI Kit bundles three components, one for each functionality profile:

  • Signatory ™ for Issuers enables organisations to transform any identity-related information into digital credentials in order to replace paper documents and automate data provision to stakeholders.

  • Custodian ™ for Holders enables individuals and organisations to securely store, manage and share keys and identity data via data hubs (“wallets”). (Web-Based wallet)

  • Auditor ™ for Verifiers enables organisations to verify identity data in order to authenticate or identify stakeholders and offer frictionless access to services or products. 

Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI) – user-focused concept for data-efficient identity management Bosch

Since offering users control and sovereignty over their own data is a highly desirable goal, we are working with innovation partners to establish an identity system that works without any central data collector and is operated equally by many participants

Spruce sets the bar for sovereign identity storage options, secures $7.5M

Spruce, a service that allows users to control their data across the web, has raised $7.5 million. The company builds open source, open standard developer tools helping users collect and control their data across the web. It helps prevent NFT frauds and defines access rules for decentralized finance pools and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

Hyland, Dataswift and Case Western Reserve University partner to advance web-based verifiable credential storage Hyland Credentials

The initial phase of the partnership involved building a web-based interface that enables users to easily store and manage their verifiable credentials by uploading them to a user-owned, encrypted personal data account (PDA), an innovative privacy-preserving solution developed by Dataswift, another strategic partner of xLab.

ID-Ideal as an integrated solution Jolocom

The starting point is the fact that every user has 70 digital identities online. Why not introduce one single secure digital ID solution to merge all of those identities? ID-Ideal is one way of many, offering an integrated solution or a middle way so that many identities can be supplemented by a single, secure digital ID solution.


The Digital Identity Card TI8M

Currently, over 40 applications have been implemented in the IDunion project. These are used in a wide variety of sectors, such as public administration, the financial sector, IoT and industry, the healthcare sector, mobility sector and e-commerce.

Public Sector

Your digital identity and credentials New South Wales

Help us make it easier for you to do things like open a bank account, buy a phone, start a new job, prove your age or enrol to study.

Logging Off Facebook: What comes Next? 

Social Media Architectures and Their Consequences reb00ted


Metaverses are coming, but who owns your avatar? Disruptive Asia

When you create your metaverse avatar, who owns it? Is it yours, or does the platform own it? This question is very fundamental for the future of digital services and human rights.

Why Microsoft may beat Zuckerberg to the metaverse VentureBeat

Although Meta currently leads in the provision of virtual reality (VR) devices (through its ownership of what was previously called Oculus), Microsoft is adapting technologies that are currently more widely used. 

5 Mental Models for Web3 Bankless Chris Dixon

Web3 has begun to impact all corners of digital culture, from media to finance, art and gaming, and even identity. Mental models allow for digestible thinking patterns to understand and predict the world, and Chris lays out how these new digital primitives are changing everything. 

Decentralization may be key to protecting our digital identities VentureBeat

introducing decentralization, there is an opportunity for dApp developers to uphold strong, secure data privacy protections for users across the board.  By offering strong privacy defaults and more user-centric options, decentralized data solutions will enable individuals to make informed decisions about their data. 


22 Companies and Organizations Receive the MyData Operator 2021 Award MyData

To show their commitment to ethical personal data management, participating organisations are required to disclose information about their operations. The MyData Operator Award shows that ethical alternatives exist and provide value for companies and users alike. 

Co-managing My Data JLinc

This post sets out a vision for what could become a sustainable set of human-centric processes around the sourcing, management and use of personal data. Our context for doing so is that the current model for personal data management on The Internet is badly broken and has architectural limitations that are largely un-resolvable.

Most People Feel Negatively About Location Tracking in Websites and Apps

The Spotlight Report, “Consumer Sensitivity to Location Tracking by Websites and Mobile Apps”, was developed to validate the Location Commitment scoring criteria in the Me2B Alliance Safe & Respectful Technology Specification.

Me2B Alliance Validation Research: Consumer Sensitivity to Location Tracking by Websites and Mobile Apps

At the core of our work is our Respectful Technology Specification4, currently in development, which provides an objective standard for measuring safe and ethical technology behavior.


COVID & Travel Resources for Phocuswright

the travel industry is working hard to catch up on their technology to meet the evolving travel requirements. However, there is still no shortage of complaints from travelers about their cumbersome international travel experiences. 

Digital identity is critical in the new world since covid DigitalID NZ

Their recent survey found 85 percent of respondents said there was a lack of transparency, as well as concern in having to share data with so many organisations.

COVID-19 as a Catalyst for the Advancement of Digital Identity Perkins Cole

our goal is to address some of the legal considerations that health certificates raise with respect to, and in the context of, the development of a comprehensive system of digital identity management.

What is happening in the world?

Singapore’s tech-utopia dream is turning into a surveillance state nightmare RestofWorld

“What [technology] will do for people is make our lives a hell of a lot easier, more convenient, more easily able to plug into the good life,” said Monamie Bhadra Haines, […] “But … the surveillance is what is here, now.”


Working Group for Privacy Enhancing Mobile Credentials Kantara Initiative

Clearly the use of a driver’s license goes well beyond proving eligibility to drive a vehicle. It has become the de-facto standard for proving that you are who you say you are – and are entitled to the product or service requested

Discover Open Badges 3.0! Keep Badges Weird

  1. Check out the (accepted) Open Badges 3.0 proposal

  2. Watch a video from the ePIC conference giving an overview of what Open Badges 3.0 will enable (or view the slide deck)

  3. Discuss what this means for you, your organisation, or your community in this thread

Use Case

Verifiable Credentials are Coming to Card Payment Rails Indicio

Liquid Avatar Technologies’ PassmateTM shows how decentralized identity will transform the world: by easily integrating into systems that already exist. The soon-to-be-launched Software as a Service — conceived by Liquid Avatar’s David Lucatch, enables verifiable credentials to run on existing payment rails.

CONNECTED IMPACT Unlocking Education and Workforce Opportunity Through Blockchain ACE

intended to inform policymakers, technology developers, education practitioners, and workforce entities about the state of and potential of interoperable digital credentials anchored on blockchains. This report also provides guidance to these stakeholders on the effective implementation of blockchain-based digital credentials infrastructure.


The Journey of an SSI Developer Affinidi

Webinar Recap

Is Self-Sovereign Identity Going Exponential? Sybrin

Together with Andrew Baker, Head of EC2 Engineering at AWS, and Lohan Spies, Chair of the Sovrin Steward Council, they explore the concept of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) in detail, discussing what profound implications SSI will have and whether it is indeed the next game changer?

Identity Not SSI

How to Choose the Right Single Sign-On (SSO) Solution for your Enterprise Ping

The business of Privacy is Booming

Investors and consumers show growing enthusiasm for privacy-focused alternatives to Google and Facebook amid renewed scrutiny over the real cost of their "free" services.

The Rising Consumer Demand for Data Privacy and Autonomy Sequoia

Increased supply of user-friendly private tech and increased demand for privacy have converged, creating a moment of unprecedented opportunity for founders with a vision for privacy-first online experiences.

Honouring Te Tiriti in our work DigitalNZ

We understand that our responsibility to guide conversations and decisions relating to digital identity means that we must acknowledge and understand Māori perspectives of identity. […] Draft Statement of Intent; Te Tiriti o Waitangi at DINZ

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