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Upcoming Events

DIALOGUES ON DATA & POLICY: the 4.0, the identity and the privacy issue

In this workshop we want to bring together policy and industry experts and the emerging NGI ecosystem as it is growing with the innovators organized by DAPSI, the Data Portability & Services Incubator.

Thoughtful Biometrics Workshop

The Thoughtful Biometrics Workshop is creating a space to dialogue about critical emerging issues surrounding biometric and digital identity technologies. It’s happening the 1st week of February: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9am PST to 1pm PST / Noon EST to 5 EST.

Other Conferences and Events

There are many other upcoming events you may be interested in that can be found at IdentityReview’s conferences and events page.


Listening to identity podcasts is our 2021 new year’s resolution

A gem we must have missed last month from Ubisecure, lists the identity podcasts that should be on our list.

Podcasts that didn’t make their list.

If you can think of any identity podcasts that should be on this list, especially ones focused on SSI, it would be much appreciated if you leave a comment on this post at or send a message to

Blog Posts

The Generative Self-Soverign Internet

Phil Windley published a fantastic post articulating the generativity of self sovereign identity. Kaliya agrees!

Generative systems use a few basic rules, structures, or features to yield behaviors that can be extremely varied and unpredictable. 

Generativity is a function of a technology’s capacity for leverage across a range of tasks, adaptability to a range of different tasks, ease of mastery, and accessibility.

Jumpstart Global Travel Industry Using Self-Sovereign Identity for COVID-19 Immunity Credentials

Tata Consulting Services a vision for how SSI can be used to re-open global travel with the reality of COVID-19.

SSI still requires market validation, and support for its implementation is currently limited to a relatively small group of technologists and enthusiasts. However, the implementation of SSI in the travel industry at a future point in time, especially once the standards and protocols are production ready and existing user experience challenges have been resolved, is something that all travel industry stakeholders should be watching, waiting and ready for.

SSI as articulated by Energy Web Foundation

Digging Deeper into Self-sovereign Identity and Access Management

What we’d like to highlight in this simplified process is the fact that it is the user who stores the claim and anchors it on chain. Also, because it is a private claim, the contents are provable but not disclosed. The user can therefore prove that they have been granted a certain privilege, but unless they elect to disclose this information, it is impossible for a third party to find out.

And as the users must anchor the claim on-chain themselves, there is no opportunity for an observer to make a list of the addresses added to a particular smart contract or any other indirect way to observe the activities of the IAM. The only information an observer can garner is that the user has added a claim to their DID document but not the content, origin, or nature of the claim.

Towards Self-Sovereign Identity with Tykn Co-Founders, Khalid Maliki and Jimmy J.P. Snoek 

Ubisecure LTADI Episode 35

The conversation details the 'three pillars of SSI' (verifiable credentials, decentralised identifiers and blockchain), how SSI fits with existing processes, what it should appear as to end users (and what level of education they need around the technology), the importance of accessibility for inclusivity, and what's next for Tykn. "In 5 years, people should take [SSI] for granted" Khalid Maliki

From the mailing lists

Presentation Exchange v1.0 Call for Review

Daniel Buchner shared on

spreading the word that the Presentation Exchange v1.0 specification is now a Working Group Draft.

...codifies the Presentation Definition data format Verifiers can use to articulate proof requirements, as well as the Presentation Submission data format Holders can use to submit proofs in accordance with them. The specification is designed to be both claim format and transport envelope agnostic, meaning an implementer can use JSON Web Tokens (JWTs), Verifiable Credentials (VCs), JWT-VCs, or any other claim format, and convey them via Open ID Connect, DIDComm, Credential Handler API, or any other transport envelope.

Comments on the Draft are welcome through 03:59 UTC/GMT on 2021-01-22

Company Updates

Trinsic Year in Review 2020

Lots of good things happened!

Indicio Tech

Indicio.Tech Incorporates as a Public Benefit Corporation

Indicio joins companies such as Patagonia and Kickstarter in embracing a corporate model that aligns shareholders and stakeholders around a shared mission to deliver a material benefit to society, not only through products and services and how they are made and delivered, but through prioritizing the welfare of employees, diversity and inclusion, and environmental impact.

Indicio.Tech releases Aries Mediator Agent

The Indicio Mediator Agent is the company’s latest contribution to Aries Cloud Agent Python (ACA-Py) and the Aries Toolbox. Following RFC 0211: Mediator Coordination, Indicio built on the work of the open-source community to make mediation interoperable and vendor agnostic. This expands the opportunities for mobile wallet implementations.

[...] is committed to becoming a resource-hub for decentralized identity, providing enterprise-grade open source tools to its clients and to the community. This includes the Private Networks build service, the Indicio TestNet, and a variety of customizable training programs.

IDRamp partners with Indicio.Tech 

This is an interesting announcement with two companies partnering together to create new SSI services for the companies the work with. 

Work on Aries

Becoming a Hyperledger Aries Developer

Course from the Linux Foundation

Learn how to develop blockchain-based production-ready identity applications with Hyperledger Aries in this free course.

60k contract to work on SSI with the BC Gov!

Extend the Hyperledger Aries Cloud Agent Python protocols to support ZKP W3C Standard Verifiable Credentials based on BBS+ Signatures

This opportunity is for developers familiar with Hyperledger Aries, Aries Protocols, Python and JSON-LD processing to add support in ACA-Py for several important VC formats used by a number of other organizations in the VC community.

Identity but not SSI

Near-Final Second W3C WebAuthn and FIDO2 CTAP Specifications

The W3C WebAuthn and FIDO2 working groups have been busy this year preparing to finish second versions of the W3C Web Authentication (WebAuthn) and FIDO2 Client to Authenticator Protocol (CTAP) specifications

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