Identosphere Summary #1

Identity Woman and Infominer share highlights from the week's news

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New SSI Tools Released

Tramsmute Releases Technical WorkBenches

by Orie Steele.

Explore the standards-based scalable identifiers and encrypted data storage tools that power Transmute’s product.

Mattr Releases JSON-LD Lint

By Emily Fry and Tobias Looker

From the Post: JSON-LD, based on the ubiquitous JSON technology, is rapidly gaining adoption on the web. JSON-LD is an innovation relevant to both business minds and developers alike.


Digital Identity in Education

Presented at the Vienna Digital Identity Meetup by Kim Hamilton Duffy (Architect Digital Credentials Consortium, Chair of the W3C CCG and Verifiable Credentials for Education Task Force) and Lluis Arińo (convenor of Diplomas Use Case at European Blockchain Service Infrastructure and CIO Rovira i Virgili University, Spain).

Thought Leadership

The Architecture of Identity Systems

by Phil Windley The architecture of an identity system has a profound impact on the nature of the relationships it supports. This post categorizes the high-level architecture of identity systems, discusses the properties of each category to understand architectural influences, and explores what their respective architectures mean to their legitimacy as a basis for online life.

What’s Open Source?

Decentralized Identity Foundation continues to put out some great educational content (if I may say-so myself having worked with Juan Caballero). Drilling Down on what Open Source is.

Three Scenarios for Rolling Back Surveillance Capitalism

By Johannes Ernst.

Scenario 1: Regulation Bites. Scenario 2: A Global Disinvestment Campaign Leads to a Vibrant Good Technology Market. Scenario 3: Frustrated Users and Open-Source Developers Start Cooperating for Mutual Benefit

The race to digitize commerce in sub-Saharan Africa

From Digital Caribou

How Jumia and Facebook are competing, even though they’re playing different games

SSI Product Announcements

Trinsic partners with Zapier

Trinsic partners with Zapier to bring SSI to 2000+ applications. Including MedCreds which is part of the Covid Credentials Initiative.

Evernym Improvements

Evernym Announces Improvements to and the Mobile SDK

Organizational News of Note!

Me2B Alliance

The Me2B Alliance will be launching membership on October 22.

Whether you’re a business owner or executive, a university student or a student of life in general—if you’re interested in setting the pace for the respectful technology movement—then Me2B Membership is for you.

MyData Global

They have their conference coming up December 10-12.

Currently they are looking for community members who are interested in serving on their board and hav listed 6 reasons why you should run.

General Community News/Posts

Ben shares his thoughts on the latest California Ballot Initiatives.

Bill Wendel our friendly community real estate agent musing about whether we are in an housing bubble or not.

Johannes recommends this post analyzing QAnon by a Game Designer

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