Identosphere Weekly Summary #4

October 25-31, 2020

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Infominer is working hard behind the scenes to programmatically curate new info-streams and deliver over the top value, to which Kaliya brings her decades of research curation and experience as a facilitator in the space.

One of the projects we’ll be working on is expanding this Self Sovereign Identity Wikipedia Article that has been started, but can clearly still use a lot of attention. (h/t @Drabiv)

Infominer is especially excited to be learning to use the Twitter API and is working on some scripts to create a weekly collection of posts related to decentralized identity, so we won’t have to be constantly scrolling, just to stay up to date. This will prove a useful companion to our Blogcatcher.

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~~ Building a Justice Layer of the Internet ~~ November 17-19

~~ Thoughtful Biometrics ~~ January

Good Posts


This is a great post by Transmute on picking the right DID method.

Transmute builds solutions that solve real business problems. For this reason, we support a number of different decentralized identifier (DID) methods. While we are committed to providing optionality to our customers, it’s equally important to communicate the selection criteria behind these options so that customers can consider the tradeoffs of underlying DID-methods alongside the problem set they’re solving for. Essentially, we help them pick the right tool for the job. Read their post…


How Credit Unions are Using MemberPass to Improve the Member Experience

Upcoming Nov 4th, 10 am EST Register Here

Data security, particularly around identity, has become a major concern for consumers everywhere due to ongoing data breaches and waves of identity. In the financial industry, digital identity protection is especially crucial. Innovative credit unions have collaborated to develop CULedger, a credit union service organization offering MemberPass, a consumer-focused global digital identity solution. CULedger’s Julie Esser will present the credit union industry’s use of MemberPass and provide an update on their deployments and use cases.

Making Money with SSI

Trinsic hosted a webinar where four different folks articulated how you make money with SSI. You can see each of the presentations separately if you like. Making Money with SSI.

SSI & Legacy Systems (14min)

Leveraging the Credential-based Access Control (CrBAC) paradigm, implementing SSI in an enterprise is easier than most people think. We will learn why and how SSI is such a bright way out of the complex and interwoven IAM world still predominant today, more than 11 years after “Dos and Dont´s when Introducing a Compliance Management Tool” in a Role-based Access Control (RBAC) context at EIC 2009.

Bridging to Self-Sovereign Identity

I had the pleasure of being in person once, for the Vienna Digital Identity Meetup. Since COVID, I have attended virtually and enjoyed it quite a bit. At the most recent meetup, they had two presenters. One showing a Korean effort associated with the DID:Alliance/GADI (problematic but worth understanding). The 2nd presentation was by Mike Vesey from IdRamp talking about their work integrating DIDs & VC with the enterprise systems.

Hyperledger KochiOrgBook Meetup

“KochiOrgBook is a Verifiable Organization Network for the city of Kochi [India]. It is a technology demonstrator to launch a DID based utility compliant with the ToIP standards to enable trusted digital verification for various associations within the city of Kochi.”

Find out about work happening to bring a Verifiable Organization Network to India (modeled after, in collaboration with Wipro, CUSAT, and KBA.

Highlights Emerging from IIW

Scenarios for the Future

Johannes Ernst hosted a couple of sessions at the event looking at how to roll back surveillance capitalism. He pulled together the results of those sessions in Three Scenarios for Rolling Back Surveillance Capitalism.

GlobaliD releases new open source applications

They open source their open-sourced iOS and Android native Aries frameworks and donated them to the Hyperledger Aries project.

They also shared their Dynamic Governance API using GlobaliD Groups.

Overview of his experience from David Schmudde

He shares about KERI, Is Identity Only Transactional? 7 Essential Life Credentials for Identity For All, and more

Blockchain Legislation

California Round-Up

This is a round-up from Ally Medina (who was at IIW). She worked on getting AB 2004 passed in California that permitted Verifiable Credentials to be used for Covid-19 test results. It covers other California developments too.

Hearings in Wyoming this week. Go to this page and click on the 11/2/2020 meeting details. The section of interest is the 9:30 am (Wyoming time) discussion on Disclosure of private cryptographic keys.

Talking to Governments

One of the things I think we don’t do enough of is talking to our governments. So it is great to see an example of doing this from the MyData Global Canada group led by John Wonderlick. They submitted a response to the Government of Ontario about Privacy Law Reform.

Project Updates

RIF Identity

@ilanolkies shares: Okey, so, today I mapped the work done in the last 3 month by @rif_os about Self-Sovereign Identity protocols in a single link All compatible with existent protocols and fully integrated into @RSKsmart blockchain. The future is one step closer.

Universal Resolver supports ION DID Method

@dialtone4web shares: ⁩"ION based ⁦@DecentralizedID⁩ identifiers can now be resolved by the UniversalResolver. #v0.8.1 #ownyouridentity"

Adds support for resolving ION DIDs #154

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