Identosphere Weekly Summary #2

All the interesting things from Decentralized Identity Land for the week Oct 10-17, 2020


MSFT CEO mentions Decentralized ID in virtual keynote

Building digital resilience | Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella
He talks about Decentralized Identity System. He touches on a pilot around Verifiable Credentials for Veterans and letting them post them to their LinkedIn profiles.

Panel at Radical Exchange on Future Digital Identity

Hosted by Kaliya Young this panel included Paula Burman form Democracy Earth and Supriyo Roy from Idena talking about the their different digital identity systems that are very future looking. It’s embedded on my blog.

Interesting Posts

Future 2030: Self Sovereign Identity Explained

A comprehensive Article on CoinDesk about the future and what SSI looks like in that future. Kaliya was interviewed for it.

How KERI tackles the problem of trust

This is a post by Jolocom to explain KERI. This protocol for DID key rotation is becoming more and more important. This post gives very clear explanation.

Decentralized Identity Design Challenges

In this post is a bit old but I found it this week and it brings up important points about Prioritizing Individual Sovereignty over Interoperability Jolocom and Danube tech articulates a vision going forward.

Ping Identity Explains SSI

This piece is written with conventional IAM professionals in mind who have familiarity with federations.

In most self-sovereign and decentralized identity systems the trust model is fundamentally unidirectional, where a verifier will trust the issuer, but the issuer may have no knowledge of the verifier.

European Funding of SSI

The eSSIF-Lab (European Self Sovereign Identity Framework) has announced the winners of two of its different calls for funding

Virtual Events

The Internet Identity Workshop is coming up next week! Join us there.

FIDO alliance opened registration for its Authenticate Conference happening November 9-20.

Interesting Papers

Disposable Yet Official Identities

Disposable Yet Official Identities (DYOI) for Privacy-Preserving System Design - The case of COVID-19 digital document verification and credential-based access control in ad hoc outdoor and indoor settings (and beyond)

Organization Updates

Fido launches a new microsite - they also shared a bunch of research on consumer attitudes about practices of authentication choices and how they use passwords.

Podcast Episodes this week:

Tim Bouma Definitely Identity

Tim talks with Sam Smith who crated Key Event Receipt Infrastructure (KERI)and explore how it relates to decentralized identity. They also touch topics in the white paper: trust domains, self-certifying identifiers, architectural implications, and more.

Kaliya & Seth host Privacy Surveillance and Anonymity.

We talked to Dave Birch this week who has two new books out about currency.

Joh Philpin People First Podcast

Something in the Water and the Bones Rebel Code, Rebel Code with Andy Sylvester. Should people learn to code

State of Identity

This week they talk to Vyjayanti Desai who leads the Identity for Development program at the world bank and their Inclusion Challenge

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