Identosphere Weekly Summary #3

Oct 17-24, 2020

This past week was the Internet Identity Workshop. We had record-breaking attendance reaching over 400 participants from all over the world.

Two new Conferences coming up inspired by IIW

The Justice Layer conference 

November 17-19 

By the Internet Bar Organization and The IO Foundation to work real-world products/projects, PeaceTones and Bee1World. . You can read Jeffrey Aresty’s vision of the Justice Layer from the American Bar Association site. 

A bit more about this event and some of the people behind it. I (Kaliya) had the great pleasure of meeting Jean Q. at RightsCon in Tunisia. He was empathetic in our conversation - I was a bit burnt out but didn’t really know it. He is taking a unique approach relative to many of the other human rights-oriented groups. He believes, that to make human rights real in the digital realm, tools need to be built for software developers, who he sees as front-line human rights workers.

Thoughtful Biometrics (un)Conference

January Dates TBD

I (Kaliya) have been working with Jack and Asem on this event to bring together a range of perspectives about biometric technology from scientists who are developing them, systems designers who use them, and civil society advocacy groups concerned about their use.  

Universal Declaration of Digital Rights

Thanks to Johannes Ernst for sharing a draft of the Universal Declaration of Digital Rights, which is meant to affirm the Universal Declaration of Human rights, and uphold their application in the digital sphere.

all states should recognise and promote universal respect for and observance of both fundamental human and digital rights in physical domain and the digital spaces environment and ensure that these rights are upheld as core elements of a free, open and representative society

New Protocols - or old ones improved. 

Filling in the GNAP

Justin Richer identity protocol writer and implementer extraordinaire has a very excellent post explaining the new GNAP and all the things that lead to it, including OAuth, OpenID, TxAuth, OAuth3, and OAuth.XYZ. This protocol is a big deal and will be important. It’s just beginning the journey through IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) the main standards body of the internet. 

IIW Presentations 

Mike Jones long time OpenID leader and MSFT employee shares his OpenID 101 presentation from IIW this last week. It is a great overview of the key design principles of OpenID and how we got to now with the protocol OpenID Presentation at IIW XXXI.


This was a hot topic at IIW with quite a few sessions about it next we will have some of those session notes and recordings for you here are two good posts: 

DIF continues its series explaining key things. This one is KERI: For every DID, a microledger. It explains how KERI works 

Doc Searls also has something to say about On KERI: a way not to reveal more personal info than you need to.


The Trust over IP Foundation made an announcement about their new ToIP interoperability profile or TIP. They call it Saturn-V (from Kaliya…it’s just focused on the Hyperleger Indy/Aries stack).

All Aboard! Me2B Membership effective next week “One week from today, the Me2B Alliance will be transitioning to a membership organization.“

Funding Yeah! 

Transmute Closes $2M Seed Round this week. This is fantastic news for them and the whole ecosystem. Transmute is a great company developing products for supply chain use-cases and is collaborating with GS1. They also are part of the SVIP (Silicon Valley Innovation program) lead by Anil John.  Full disclosure Kaliya has a formal advising relationship with Transmute.

Company Posts 

MATTR: Adding support for revocation of Verifiable Credentials  This company has an impressive record when it comes to innovation and rapidly feeding that innovation into open community processes so that others can easily adopt key aspects of the work needed for interoperability based on open standards. This tradition continues.  They are leveraging the Revocation List 2020 draft from the CCG. 

Civic Secure Identity Users: Say Hello to Civic Wallet just this week they released a new wallet. They will be deprecating the Civic Secure Identity and on November 30th service will stop. 

Evernym Commits to Open Source “we’re doubling down on our commitment to open source by making the source code available for our commercial products with a binding commitment that they will be open source in three years”. They are using a Business Source License, which has some commercial restrictions, that eventually give way to open use.

Evernym Joins with Other Solution Providers to Achieve Interoperability Milestone “including connecting between decentralized identifiers (DIDs), issuing credentials, and fulfilling proofs.” 

Gluu vs. Keycloak Mike Swartz talks about the difference between his product Gluu and Keycloak, which he describes as a less stable project that shouldn’t be used in production environments. 

3box IDX: A Devkit for Open Identity (From Kaliya, this is interesting, but they are taking on a huge amount of work without an IPR container/wrapper).  

Designed to be cross-platform and highly configurable, IDX is compatible with all blockchains, wallets, and a wide variety of user and application data storage options including Ceramic, Textile, OrbitDB, Filecoin, IPFS, and Secure Data Stores — so you can seamlessly integrate decentralized identity with the rest of your Web3 tech stack.

Ontology Builds on Polkadot to Accelerate Adoption Of Decentralized Identity Solution

Ontology is bringing Ont ID to Polkadot users, as part of an initiative to bringing OScore, their DID based credit scoring solution, to their own Polkadot parachain.

GDPR: Everything you need to know - is a great post by authentic explaining it at a high level that we thought would be helpful to those trying to orient. 


Women in Identity has a podcast episode out featuring Jacoba Siders who is an advisory board member of the EU ESSIF Lab (European Self Sovereign Identity Framework).

Videos of the Week 

The Challenging New World of Privacy & Security

Atlanta Innovation Forum featuring folks from MSFT, GSM, and Michael Becker. The video looks at the range of risks present in managing identity assets.  Its focus is coming from the enterprise-level perspective. Link to where Michael Becker starts talking

KuppingerCole: Interview on Privacy & Consent Management (Ian Evans, Managing Director at OneTrust)

Old School Identity Protocols

Not going away, just yet!

Otaka: How to Authenticate with SAML in ASP.NET Core and C#

Forgerock: IAM 101 Series: What Are Directory Services?

Thanks for Reading!

See you next week.