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It’s easy to burn out and just give up trying to stay on the pulse, but the need to stay informed remains. Kaliya and Infominer have developed a system that assists in sorting through the latest.

Kaliya brings expertise nurtured over decades as a facilitator in the digital identity space, with an eye towards privacy-preserving techniques that put the user in charge of their personal information.

Infominer found self-sovereign identity during a deep exploration into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space (₿), but at this point has probably delved even deeper into all things identity – gathering and categorizing information with a hacker ethic.

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We have the Identity Blogcatcher up and running, aggregating feeds from People, Organizations, and Companies working in the industry.

We also have behind the scenes feeds, from a range of community GitHub repositories, and many community mailing lists that we are integrating into a sustainable workflow for the creation of this newsletter, and other community resources.

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This sector is growing at an incredible rate. If we are to succeed in enabling the use of verifiable credentials in a globally interoperable fashion, the pace of development must grow beyond our ability to keep pace. This is a critical time where decisions made will impact the world for years to come. The goal of interoperability necessitates remaining connected with the world around us, not insulated from important developments in decentralized identity, personal data and related subjects.

We hope you get as much value from reading as we do from creating it.

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