Sitemap - 2023 - Sovereign Identity Updates

Identosphere 152: Multi-Token Data Structure • KERI moves to TOIP • Everything is an Agent • Virtual Green Cards • DIF Elections

Identosphere 151: Bhutan getting National SSID • Understanding Digital Public Infrastructure • Thoma Bravo: ForgeRock and Ping Merger

Identosphere 150: Provider Discovery • The Rise of CredTech • Zero Trust • JOSE COSE Algos, Fully Speced

Identosphere 149: Google Joins Open Wallet Foundation • Transmute Completes DHS Red Team of Verifiable Data Platform • CA mDL Interop Test

Identosphere 148: WordPress Plugin for VCs! OpenID proposed Digital Credentials Protocols WG • Scouts do VCs for Badges • Human-Oriented Discussions on Identity Systems (WHODIS)

Identosphere 147: mdoc library for mDL+eID • Making Aries FrameworkJS EU Compatible • DHS branch urges: End SMS for MFA • Understanding New W3C Work

Identosphere 146: EU Wallet Workstreams • Prayers for Vittorio • Worldcoin Woes • SpruceID Standards Update featuring IETF work • DIF SC Nominations Time!

Identosphere 145: Wallet Report • NIST meets for Worldwide Framework Acceptance • Semantic Discussions for Data Sharing • EU Digital Product Passports enabling Compliance in US Supply Chain

Identosphere 144: JSON vs. JSON-LD • AU ID Strategy • Confederal Protocols • Digital Vietnam

Identosphere 143: ENISA's EUDI Wallet Recommendations • Lightweight VCs Schema and Process TC • CCG Standards Stack

Identosphere 142: California Digital ID Pilot • ID in Metaverse under eIDAS • Distributed Infrastructure for Common Good

Identosphere 141: New from Microsoft Entra • $15 Billion Reasons Driving SSI Adoption • Strategies for Three-Sided Markets • DHSS&T Calls for Wallet and Mobile Verifier Solutions

Identosphere 140: Taxonomy of Attacks on Digital ID • Ethical and Legal Challenges for Decentralized Data Management • Research Papers • Interesting Hiring

Identosphere 139: OECD Digital ID Standards • Unconstituting Society • Indigenous Groups & Data Privacy • Social Power of Open Recognition Badges

Identosphere 138: New WEF Report • MEF video's up • Indonesian Digital ID • Guardianship in SSI

Identosphere 137: Exploring Approaches to Digital Wallets • New SVIP Open Call Re: Wallets • SSI is to Data, as Streaming is to Music •AI Discourse - 5 articles

Identosphere 136: European Pilots Updates • Wallets can't be Transformers • Unique Short History of the LEI

Identosphere 135: EIC Highlights • IIW Book of Proceedings • Working Draft: BBS Cryotosuite v2023 • TBD Launches New Web5 Toolkit

Identosphere 134: Next 3 Weeks: 1)MEF Connects London/virtual May 25: 2) MyData Helsinki: 3) Digital Identity unConference Europe, Zurich. US Strategy includes ID as Critical Infrastructure

Identosphere 133: Beyond Client/Server • DIDs on Metamask • SSI Market Share • Decentralized Social Networking Protocol

Identosphere 132: IIW Recaps • Enterprise Business Models • Case Study Digital Product Passports w VCs • Bluesky going viral

Identosphere 131: Feds Talk Regulating Data Brokers • Road to ISO 31700 • Ed\EcDSA Cryptosuite Drafts •

Identosphere 130: MSFT/LinkedIn Verifiable employment • DID Rechartering Disagreement • Updates

Identosphere 129 • IIW Next week - DICEurope June 7-9 • Claims and Creds w/o DLT • EU: VCs make information impossible to fake • Onchain ID Verification Flows

The AI Dilema Video • ETH Account Abstraction • Massive Growth for Decentralized ID • Claims and Credentials Without DLT

Identosphere 127: MS ID Layoffs • Forgerock Ditches Passwords • IAM Best Practices from NSA • NEO new from Ping

Identosphere 126: How Do Humans Trust? • Tokenization: Security + Exceptional UX • municipalities may need their own • Updates to Trinsic v1 and Sovrin StagingNet

Identosphere 125: SSI Music Video • BIPA Coming, States Warned • Protocol based Fediverse Explored • Public Review OIDC Verifiable Presentations Specification

Identosphere 124 (125a): DID:Day ETH Denver • MetaMask Snap Supports DID\VC • VCs for X-Boarder Trade • Tony Blair's Singular ID

Identosphere 123: Biometrics in Airports? • Bhutan announces SSI • Official Launch OWF👜 • Digital Provenance HowTo • Fediverse unConverence

Identosphere 122: Regi-Trust • Data Primer for Policy Makers • Digital Provenance Tools • Cross-border Paperless Trade Toolkit •

Identosphere 121: On Decentralized Trust • 2023 Digital ID Landscape • Presentation Exchange v2 • New Book Learning Digital Identity

Identosphere 120: Supply Chain Knowledge Graphs and UN Web Semantics • Mainstreaming vCreds • Tutorial with SSX, RainbowKit, and Alchemy • Book: Learning Digital Identity

Summary 119: Attacking SSI • Global Supply Chain with Knowledge Graphs • JOSE WG Reanimated

Identosphere 118: Identity Harms • Transmute, Beta Testers Wanted • GBA launches Battery Passports

Identosphere 117: Incumbents fight Verifiable Credentials • Metamask extended with MFA Snap • Ripple Adopts SSI?

Identosphere 116: SSI meets WalletConnect • OAuthWG vs VCWG • MOBI Vehicle Identity Ecosystem Standards • ToIP Trust Spanning Protocol Vision

Identosphere 115 • Funding for Threshold ECDSA KeySig • The Year of RSS • Most Relevant Interop Initiatives • SSI Meets WalletConnect